Hello Everyone!!!  Not sure if the “Happy New Year” greeting is still apt, 12 days into the new year but either way, seeing this is my first post of 2012, here I am wishing you a Happy New Year!
It has been quite a challenging start to the New Year for all of us.  The subsidy removal has completely thrown us all off balance and has managed to make the average Nigerian, including me, very angry, frustrated and totally stressed out.  It has thrown our financial forecasts out the window, made budgeting very difficult, significantly reduced our disposable income and increased our expenses significantly!  I was literally shocked when I paid N13,000 for petrol I used to pay N6,000 for and I tell you, I was really burnt!  In fact I was close to tears!  Ok… I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about this as I will begin to get agitated again and really I didn’t want my first post of the year filled with a lot of venom.  In fact that was the major reason I never posted anything before now.  Every time I came to my system, I knew I would have to address this issue and didn’t want to get angry all over again!

BUT you know what?!  One advantage of this is that the people have chosen to speak up and challenge those in government for the very first time.  Yes we may be fighting a losing battle but “someone” or “some people” are really feeling the heat!  And I am really happy about that!  Nigerians are finally speaking with one voice without fear of violence or death.  Some people have died, others beaten but yet, the protest rallies are filled to the brim.  In fact it almost seems like a major party!  And the jokes?!  LOL!!!  You gotta love Nigerians!  Completely hilarious!

But despite all, we must not lose sight of our visions, the resolutions and the plans we all made for ourselves in 2012.  If anything, this trying time should make us all begin to think of taking our futures into our hands now and start looking for alternative sources of income.  You know me!  I will always tell you that the Fashion Industry is always a good alternative.  😉
But whatever you do decide to do this year, may God’s grace and mercy see us through the year.  May we achieve all we set out to achieve even beyond our imaginations.  And please do not forget to pray for Nigeria that all the hard work we all put in to make this country the way it is and make our lives as comfortable as we have tried to make it will not come crashing down on us like a pack of cards.   
For me, I have always looked forward to 2012 – My Year of Thanksgiving and Incomprehensible Breakthroughs!  I invite you to enjoy it with me!
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