7 Mistakes You Must Not Make as an Entrepreneur

Starting a business is exciting but it’s not that much fun if you learn the hard way! Many businesses fail within the first 5 years. You don’t want to be a statistic after all that hard work!

Here are 7 Entrepreneurship Mistakes every business owner must avoid. I made them when I started Martwayne and it cost me so much money and my health suffered as well.  Look out for them, especially in the early days.  These tips will save you a whole lot of hassle and a whole lot of headache as well.

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Founder martwayne tope williams-adewunmi

Martwayne was founded by Tope Williams-Adewunmi, a South African trained Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur, well versed in various areas of the fashion industry, its relationship with the business community and the business of fashion.

With undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design as well as years of work experience in education consultancy and tax advisory in one of the Big Four Accounting Firms, she has has set up Martwayne simply to give people “Power Through Fashion” and merge the Fashion Industry with the business community!

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