With Compliments of the Season…

With Compliments of the Season…

Apologies!  Apologies!! Apologies everyone!!!  Yes all I can do at this point is apologize for abandoning the blog for a while now (insert-covering-my-face-emoticon-in-here).  It HAS been hectic!!!  

BUT before I go into any stories, first let me wish you “Happy Holidays” and a belated “Merry Christmas”!!!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and more importantly, got the blessings and good tidings the season had to offer.  I pray the hope brought about by the significance of His Birth remains with you always, well into the New Year and beyond!

Great!  Back to my apologies…

Yes, it was hectic since I got back from my trip to China!  Boy… WHAT an experience that was!  I really need to give you all the gist very soon!  It was QUITE an interesting experience but completely worth all the hassles and pain.  

So I got back on the 29th of November and spent the next 2 or 3 working days reactivating all forms of communication that had been disconnected in my absence.  THEN I had to  attend to major issues that cropped up with my accommodation that almost got out of hand in my absence.  Long story involving lawyers and all what not… but thankfully that has also been resolved!  THEN the most important one… I had to plan my Introduction Ceremony which took place on Sunday the 23rd!!! 😀 😀 😀

Yes yes!  Somehow, (I have no clue how…) I managed to balance the hectic life of a young start-up entrepreneur with a private life many didn’t know I had…. not by any grand master plan of mine but by God’s divine grace!  I will tell you the story of how that happened sometime next year after the wedding!  Though it might not be the perfect excuse, many of you know how hectic planning a ceremony like that can become.  

First I had to sew my outfit!  Goodness!  That was QUITE a task!  Guess I am my own worst client since I always feel it’s not quite there yet.  No wayz I am putting myself through that again!  THEN I thought the ceremony would be a small one but it turned out to be quite a party with at least 100 guests!  I kind of forgot we both came from families that had enough “branches” and tentacles.  Phew!    

SO how did I end up spending my Christmas?!  Sleeping off Sunday’s events!  Goodness!  What most brides forget to tell you is how stressful it is kneeling down to greet so man people and trying to memorize so many names.  BUT it was SUCH a great day and I really cannot wait till March 2013 when the real ceremonies will take place by God’s grace.  So please take a second to say a prayer for us…  Thank you! 

For all those who sent me e-mails, apologies it has taken me this long to respond.  I will get to work on them right away.  For those asking when the next course will begin, I am planning my time-table for next year.  What with the events happening next year, it looks like I’ll be unavailable for at least 6 weeks but I will make a plan that will work best for everyone by God’s grace.

In the meantime, I leave you with these 2 pictures from the Introduction Ceremony.  I’ll upload more when the photographer delivers the pictures.  

Both of us…. & with my mum… 😀

Have a FAH-BU-LOUS holiday and look out for more of my articles.  Hopefully, I should be able to work on all my outstanding articles before the year runs out!

Cheers everyone!

“Together We Made It…

“Together We Made It…

…we made it even though we had our backs up against the wall…”

Yup! That’s the song that comes to mind as I type this… Busta Rhymes & Linkin Park I believe… Very apt @ this point…

Anywayz… when I saw this picture, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud! I wondered why 2011 looked so sad that it was all over. It shouldn’t be really… because in 2011, a lot of us moved just that little bit forward in our lives, either in the form of a job, a promotion, a spouse, a child… But while there were upsides, there were also some downsides. BUT you know what?! One thing I have learnt is to always be grateful! We all lived to see the end of 2011…and we all have another chance to write better chapters in our lives.

So for all y’all who postponed a lot till “next year”, guess what?! 2012 is just over an hour away…well on this side of the world anyway. What plans have you made for next year… which is really just tomorrow. What goals have you set for yourself in 2012?! What have you decided to do differently in your lives and businesses? What steps have you taken to turn your lives around?! I don’t mean to give a lecture or anything but really…have you thought about it?! I know I used to be one of the first people to tune off when people mentioned stuff like goal setting, planning for the future, mission, vision statements, etc but now I know better. Now the statement “failing to plan is planning to fail” makes so much sense now.

So as we are about to hit 2012, I implore you to take yourselves seriously and make a plan for yourself. Reasonable plans. It’s not about writing resolutions we all know deep down are not sustainable. Want to know what my New Year’s resolution is? What it has always been for the past few years. “To be a better person!” That way, I never fall victim to breaking that resolution. My brother taught me that!

As 2011 draws to a close, here’s my prayer for anyone reading this. May you achieve all and a lot more that you have ever hoped for. May God’s guidance and blessings be with you now and always AND may His goodness and mercy follow us and be with us all each day, from now…till 31 December 2012… and for many more “December 31sts” to come. Amen.


Here’s to us all. Here’s to 2012! Happy New Year in advance everyone! Enjoy the last hour or so of 2011 and see you all on the other side of midnight!

Be Creative this Month @ Martwayne! Learn Textile Design, Corsetry, Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer Aided Design coming up this month!

Be Creative this Month @ Martwayne! Learn Textile Design, Corsetry, Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer Aided Design coming up this month!

Yes yes!  February is always a FAB month indeed!  Valentine’s day, my birthday 😀 and of course the birth of new courses @ Martwayne!  After spending the whole of January planning and planning, I can safely say we are good to go on the following courses coming up:
Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer Aided Design 
Yes we finally have a date! 😀  28th February & 4 March, 2017 and we have weekday and weekend options available.  
The Fashion Illustration portion of this starts on 7 March 2017 for the weekday option.
Short Course in Textile Design
Our brand spanking new course which teaches BOTH manual and digital textile design techniques!  Oh you really want to be a part of this one, trust me!  It comes up on the 7th (weekday) & 11th (weekend option) of March 2017.
Short Course in Corsetry
 Bridalwear & Eveningwear designers, this is one treat for you!  We are teaching proper corsetry this month!  You will be mighty pleased! It comes up on the 7 March, 2017  and only the weekday option is available for now.:-D
The great thing about these Courses is you can register for more than one! So if you are interested in Textile Design & Fashion Illustration with CAD for example, you can register for the Textile Design on weekdays and the Fashion Illustration on weekends.  OR you can register for any of our Sewing Courses and still combine it with any of these courses since they happen on different days.  It is that simple!  😀