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Martwayne was founded by Fashion Entrepreneur, Tope Williams-Adewunmi, a South African trained Fashion Designer, very experienced in various areas of the fashion industry, its relationship with the business community and the business of fashion.  With undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design as well as years of work experience in education consultancy and tax advisory in one of the Big Four Accounting Firms, she has has set up Martwayne simply to give people "Power Through Fashion" and merge the Fashion Industry with the business community!

Why I became a fashion entrepreneur

She was motivated to learn about fashion with zero prior experience, after her tailor continually ruined her clothes.  Leaving a thriving accounting career at KPMG, she spent years researching, studying and gaining required industry experience in South Africa; and returned to start a fashion training and production business. This brought her face to face with challenges that several designers and fashion business owners encounter in the industry; from a dearth in knowledge about the industry to the struggle with finding professional tailors with the required skill set.

"You can also live your dream of becoming a fashion designer"

I gave up my fab job for fashion not because I hated my job but because I was tired of tailors wrecking my clothes. I thought to myself... I will learn how to sew and come back to teach this lady. And off I went to Cape Town in South Africa for a full time undergraduate degree in Fashion Design. 

Was it easy?!  NO!  But I stuck at it and I am now doing my thing and loving every minute!

And guess what?!  You might also be in these shoes... knowing you are yet to scratch this itch.  Trust me it is not as difficult as you think it is!  If I could do it, I can assure you, anyone can!  It may not be easy... perhaps you have a family to feed or you are just scared!  You don't have to quit yet!  You can take baby steps and start by listening to my story and hopefully, it will also help you make that step!

'Running a business is hard; 

running a fashion design business is harder!' 

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

I personally understand the challenge of running a successful fashion business because I have been there. When I started Martwayne, I was inspired by the need to provide affordable fashion courses to improve the quality of fashion designers and equip them with standardised technical and fashion business skills; giving them ‘power through fashion’. Even today, I constantly apply lessons from my experiences and insights from constant interactions with other designers when developing course content and teaching methodology.

This means that any course you take at Martwayne equips you with practical knowledge that is relevant and applicable in your fashion career or business. Even better, it means that the course is delivered by an expert who not only has technical fashion knowledge; but understands your pain points and specific struggles as a fashion student, designer, tutor and fashion business owner.

Martwayne constantly prioritises a step-by-step teaching approach because I learnt from scratch myself.  
Or perhaps you already run a fashion business and you are facing challenges and looking to improve her income OR you are a fashion tutor looking to increase your knowledge to offer more products to your students.  Our courses, both in-classroom and offline, are highly sought after, and we have trained several fashion designers, fashion business owners and fashion tutors who are now successful members of a thriving Martwayne community. Who better to guide you in turning your passion into a viable fashion business than an experienced professional who has lived through your unique challenges?

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