Kicking off this week on a high note, I'm buzzing with excitement from a recent win that's too good not to share. Last Friday, February 9th 2024, I found myself in the spotlight, thanks to an interview with Bree Teamer of Fox2Detroit where we dove into the world of AI and fashion and my role in pushing those boundaries.

Honestly, I'm still riding the wave from the interview's success and all the amazing feedback from everyone who tuned in.

So How Did This All Happen?

You might be wondering, how did this incredible opportunity land in my lap? Well, it feels like a mix of being at the right place at the right time and a little nudge from the universe and it all started with this article.

This was also what my last post was about. 

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Earlier in the year, I made a pact with myself to ramp up my presence on LinkedIn. My goal was clear: get noticed by the big names in fashion. I wanted to shake things up, share my journey of integrating AI into fashion, and spark some interest. And guess what? It worked! 

In about 2 weeks, I got an Inmail from Bree, who happens to be the anchor, inviting me to be a guest on the show. A few emails here and there, a brief portfolio of some of our AI Fashion Designs and we were good to go!

And before I knew it, I was LIVE on Fox2Detroit talking about AI and Fashion and the Future of Fashion! It still feels incredible!

The Intersection of AI and Fashion

During the interview, I had the chance to talk about my background, why I moved to the US, and how I started off with AI and what led to my adoption of AI for Fashion Design.

We also discussed the fact that AI isn't here to take over jobs but to enhance and streamline the fashion industry. From tackling sustainability by predicting what and when to produce, to streamlining the actual process of design creation, AI's role in fashion is transformative and expansive.

How AI is Revolutionizing Fashion Design

One of the goals of this blog is to demystify the concept of AI and explore how it can be practically applied across various aspects of a business, even in the most fundamental ways. Let鈥檚 dive into five practical applications of AI within the fashion industry.

1. AI and Fashion Design

Imagine having a creative partner that takes your ideas and runs with them, offering you patterns, designs, and concepts you hadn't even considered. Many text to image AI tools like Midjourney are doing just that, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

2. A Nod to Sustainability

The fashion industry's environmental impact is no joke, but AI is stepping up as the eco-hero we need. By forecasting trends and optimizing production, tools like IBM's WatsonX are helping reduce waste and make fashion more sustainable. And it doesn't stop there鈥攕tartups are innovating with digital garment passports to track a piece's lifecycle, all thanks to AI.

3. Personalizing the Shopping Experience

Personalization is where AI truly shines, transforming how we shop online. Imagine a service that knows your style so well it can curate outfits tailored just for you. Platforms like TrueFit are making this a reality, ensuring that shopping online is as personal and satisfying as it gets. And the good thing is, there is a free version for up to 200,000 annual views if you own a Shopify store

How AI can benefit your fashion brand

4. Streamlining Operations

Let's not forget about the behind-the-scenes magic. AI is making inventory and supply chain management smoother and more efficient. Tools like Blue Yonder are ensuring that the right products are in the right place at the right time, making overstocking or understocking a thing of the past.

5. Enhancing Customer Service

Lastly, AI is redefining customer service. Chatbots and virtual stylists are offering personalized advice and handling inquiries, making shopping online an even more seamless experience. Imagine having a stylist at your fingertips, ready to help you 24/7.

Let's Embrace the Future Together

This interview wasn't just a personal win; it was a moment to spotlight the incredible potential of AI in shaping the future of fashion. It's a call to action for brands, designers, and consumers to explore the endless possibilities AI offers.

AI in fashion is not just about technology; it's about opening up new pathways for creativity, sustainability, and personalization. Let's dive into this journey together, exploring how AI can not only transform the fashion industry but also how we interact with the clothes we wear.

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Do I only use AI for Fashion Designs or in the Fashion Industry? No I don't. My use of AI extends beyond fashion design and the fashion industry.

In my next article, I'll reveal how I leveraged AI to assist a grocery store aiming to establish an omnichannel presence. This included developing its inventory management system from scratch and seamlessly integrating and uploading its content across the store's website, ensuring a cohesive online and offline experience. 

If you would love to explore how to use AI to also enhance your operations or create a fashion collection, do reach out to me on

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