Ok so these are the larger flyers of the upcoming fashion courses at Martwayne. I plan to still run a post on each of the Courses.  But here is a summary of all the Courses, in order of dates along with their fees and duration.

Foundation Course in Fashion Design

We have now restructured our Fashion Course into just 2 stages:  Beginners Stage & Advanced Stage. Our new system starts 21 May, 2018 for the Beginners and 4 June, 2018 for the Advanced.  Truth be told, those who do not want to wait for the new system have already registered for the new system so you really do not have to wait till the 21st or 4th of June.

Classes will now be on Mondays to Thursdays from 10am – 4pm.  The Beginners Stage lasts 3 months and the Advanced Stage lasts 6 months.

Course Fees are as follows:

For Beginners who have no prior knowledge:

Beginners Stage is N250,000 and the Advanced Stage is N280,000.  There is an extra N20,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.

For practising designers who can already sew but want to enhance their skills:

You can register for the Advanced Stage and this costs N385,000.  There is also the extra N20,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course.

The fees cover all our sewing modules, creative modules and fashion business modules as well.

Fees can be paid in 2 instalments, 70% and 30%.

We have a weekday option and a weekend option.

Creative Course: 
Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer Aided Design

Our popular 3-in-1 creative course is back!  It comes up 31 May (weekday option) and 2 June (weekend option).   The 3 modules are:

–  Concept Development & Portfolio Presentation (How to Develop a Fashion Collection from Scratch)
–  Manual Fashion Illustration
–  Digital Fashion Illustration

The fees are N90,000 but participants need their tablets and/or smartphones for the digital class.  It needs to be IOS or Android-enabled.

Course lasts 8 weeks for both the weekday and the weekend option.  Weekday classes are from 10am – 2pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays and 10am – 6pm on weekends.

Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing – An Online Course

Yes! This Course will also feature the launch of our online platform which has been in the works for ages!  We developed this Course for those who wanted to perfect their finishing without necessarily signing up for any of our major courses, and of course, for those outside Lagos.  It will be launched on June 12 and the fees will cost N10,000.

Bridalwear Masterclass

And this is a Course that is looooong overdue!  We finally decided to create one due to the HUGE demand for this Course.  We decided to also partner with other experts in their field to run a major Master Class which makes it a combination of literally 5 or 6 separate courses in 1 – and the list keeps increasing!  

It includes the following courses:

–   Tambour Beading; 
–   Corsetry; 
–   Advanced Pattern Making Techniques for High Fashion & Couture;
–  Manual and Digital Fashion Illustration strictly for Bridalwear, and so much more as I keep adding to the Course content!  

It is an extremely intensive Course and it starts on the 25th of June so participants have enough time to plan and save up for it.

The fees cost N350,000 and will last for 8 weeks.  Days are Mondays to Thursdays from 10am – 4pm.

Fees can also be paid for in 2 instalments: 70% and 30%.  Trust me, this will be well worth it!  It is a packed course!

Okies!!! So far this is it! We are still working on more courses and our hybrid system (part in-house and part-online) so will keep you posted. 

We also have accommodation available for our participants from outside Lagos for an extra fee so don’t worry, you are sorted.

Venue of the Courses is, of course, our Training Center located at 8, Sholeye Crescent, off Ayinde Giwa Street, off Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere, Lagos.

If you have questions and would like us to call you, simply fill the form and we will contact you asap!

OR you can contact us on: 

Telephone:  0818 395 8856

Chat to us on WhatsApp on 0809 787 6075 or simply by clicking this link

Chat to us on Instagram @martwayne 

Or e-mail updates@martwayne.com for more details

Excellent!  Please forward to your friends and family or give someone a great gift!  We look forward to welcoming you all!

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