And we have been on a ROLL these past 2 Saturdays!  And it keeps getting better and better! Clearly as you can see from the testimonial! “Awesome” she said 😀  And yes it was awesome!

This Saturday, we are teaching how to Build Business Structures in Your Fashion Company!  And this is literally 4 courses in 1!  We are talking about the Accounting, the Tax, the Legal & the Administrative Sides to running a fashion business.

Need I say more?!  Guess the topics are pretty self-explanatory!  And it is very very VERY interactive – THAT I can tell you for free!  It has really been an amazing experience!

Okay!  So how do you register?  Easy!

The Course Fees are N7,500 only and there are 2 options available.

Automated Registration:

Simply click on and once you register, it reroutes you to the Group automatically.  Don’t worry, it is very very safe and secure and it is not a scam site.  You can even choose to Pay with Card or Pay with Bank and I prefer this method to be honest.

BUT if you are still worried, you can register manually.

Manual Registration:

Simply transfer the fees by cash or online transfer into:

 Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843, GTBank 

and send your ‘Facebook Name, E-Mail Address & FEC 2’ by SMS only to 0809 787 6075.  

Or if you want to fasttrack the process a bit, you can send a friend invite to Tope Williams on Facebook after registering but I still need the details sent via SMS to confirm registration.

There are quite a few of us with the same name so look out for the lady with a bob and an orange top! 🙂

Once you’re done, join us online at 7pm.  And you can watch it wherever you are with your phone! Isn’t it amazing how the world has gone digital?!  You can join us wherever you are and ask all the questions you want.  

And don’t worry if you have a bad connection.  You can still get access to the video and still ask your questions.  I get notifications and will respond when I see them.

Great!  That’s it!  If you have questions, you can contact me through the following routes:

Tel/WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075 | Instagram: @martwayne 

Blackberry: D8E9802C  |  Email: 

Excellent!  See you on Saturday!!!

I am still trying to decide how to run the Business & Accounting Course for Fashion Entrepreneurs – where we actually set up an Accounting System using an Online Accounting Software.   I am contemplating an in-house Course but since I have been having so much fun with the online options, I just might settle for that one instead.  I will keep you posted!  

Excellent!  Tell everyone to tell everyone!

I will cyber-see you on Saturday! 😀
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