Attend our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course RIGHT on Facebook!

Attend our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course RIGHT on Facebook!

Why not Facebook right?! Everyone has access to it, you can reach more people at once, have the same Q&A sessions and best of all, attend right from the comfort of your home! 

So if you love fashion, maybe you are a banker considering quitting your job for fashion and have no clue how to start OR you already run a fashion business but you are finding it difficult to make ends meet OR you have been working for so many years but your fashion business still cannot pay you a salary OR your customers do not take you seriously as a fashion business, then you need this Course!  

We will be teaching 3 topics in our Live Facebook Training.  And yes!  It is a proper training with real slides and all!  So you get the same classroom experience right from your home!  And you can ask ALL your questions regarding the topic you registered for!  

And best of all, the Group remains open for people who still have questions even after the Course so it will be great to use this opportunity!

Topic 1: How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit (Focus on Proper Costing & Pricing)

Topic 2:  How to Start Your Clothing Line (The Clothing Manufacturing Process)

Topic 3:  Building Structures in Your Fashion Business (Accounting, Tax, Legal &  Administration)

Testimonial from a Martwayne Student on Facebook currently living in Milan

Topic 1: 

How to Sell Your Clothes & Make a Profit (Focus on Proper Costing & Pricing)  
Saturday, 21 October 2017 at 7pm

Billing for your clothes should not be based on conscience.  It should be based on a proper analyses of your costs and running expenses.  Learn how to properly bill for your clothes using different approaches.  It is important as a fashion business to be able to earn a profit in all your dealings.  If your prices are wrong, then you will always play catch up – and worse end up depressed after working so hard with nothing left to show for it at the end of the month!  

After the billing comes the selling.  How do you introduce your products to the market at a price people are willing to pay for? These and other topics will be taught on Saturday 21 October, 2017 at 7pm.  You have to be part of the Facebook Group to attend this Course.  It costs N5,000 only.

Option 2:

How to Start Your Clothing Line (The Clothing Production Process) 
29 Oct 2017 at 7pm

If you have always wanted to start a Clothing Line but have no clue how to go about it, this is the Perfect Course for you! Learn about the whole production process, the staff you need, the machines you need to start off on a small scale, in-house production vs outsourcing, etc. And if you are already producing, questions on how you can do better will be answered in this Course.  

The fees are N5,000 only.

Topic 3:
Building Structures in Your Fashion Business (Accounting, Tax, Legal & Admin) 
4 Nov 2017 at 7pm

This Course is a pretty packed one!  4 topics in 1.

Is your fashion business a proper business?  Can it function in your absence? Is your 9-5 job funding your fashion company?  What structures are in place so customers and financial institutions take you seriously?  Do you have accounting structures in place?  Do you know how much you are making at any point in time?

Learn how to Create Proper Business Structures for Your Fashion Company.  A real practical approach as against vague theories. 

This comes up on 4 November, 2017 and costs N7,500.  

If you are in Lagos and want the extended Course, that includes actually Setting up a Proper Accounting System with an Online Software, that does your invoicing, financial accounts such as Profit & Loss account, Balance Sheet, and gives you a proper look at your debtors and creditors at a glance, then you can opt for the 

3-Day Business & Accounting Course for Fashion Entrepreneurs 
9, 14 & 16 November, 2017 @ 10am

The Course Fees are N35,000 and you will learn everything FROM SCRATCH! Save Yourself LOADS of money on accounting fees and have discussions with your external consultant from an informed perspective.  Learn how to register for your taxes, how to file whilst saving lots of money.  We understand what it means to run a small business so we are all about saving you money in the long run so you can only engage an accountant on a quarterly or bi-annual basis as against a monthly basis. 

How to Register:

Registration for any of the topics is really easy. 

There are 2 options – the automated version & the manual version

Automated Registration:

This is the preferred option as everything is automated. Simply click on the following links for the Course of your Choice.  After payment, you get routed to the Facebook Group and you send an invite. Once we confirm your payment, we will accept the invite.

Here are the links to the Course of Your Choice:

With this automated option, you can even choose to “Pay with Card” or “Pay with Bank” .  

Manual Registration:

For this option, you can simply transfer the fees of the Course of your choice into our Bank account: Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843, GTBank

Please include either Topic 1, Topic 2 or Topic 3, your Phone Number & E-Mail Address in the comment section in the following manner:

“FEC Topic 1, Your Phone Number, & Your Facebook Name”


Send an SMS to 0809 787 6075 after you have made payment with the above details.

Once we confirm your payment, we will send you the Group Name so you can join the Group.


Don’t worry about your network failing on you.  The video will still be available after the Course so you have access to it for a limited time.  However, this option is only open to those who actually register for the Course. 

Excellent!  We look forward to you joining us on Facebook on the dates above!  If you have questions and wish to chat to us, you can reach us on:

Tel / Whatsapp: 0809 787 6075   |   Blackberry: D8E9802C  |  Instagram: @martwayne

Tell everyone to tell everyone!  See you on Facebook! 😀
Attend our Fashion Entrepreneurship Course RIGHT on Facebook!

Facebook Webinar, Fashion Illustration Course, Business & Accounting Course – FAB courses this Q4 2017 at Martwayne

Hello, hello HELLO!!!  Apologies for my LONG silence.  I took a long but well-deserved break from a lot of things – including blogging but I have been really active on Instagram though.  Funny, I seem to prefer Instagram since there is a lot more engagement on my posts than on the blog but hey… keeping the website alive is also important right?!  I think I’ll write on what we have been discussing on Instagram later.  Right now, let’s get you up to speed on the next Courses we have this Q4 2017 at Martwayne!

I’ll leave the flyers here for now.  I will run a Course on each flyer in different posts. If you get our emails, this will drop right into your box!  Don’t be overwhelmed.  I plan to do some serious marathon blogging so watch this space! 😀

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