Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Greetings from peaceful and slightly chilly Ile-Ife.  Yes, yes, I am enjoying a blissful Christmas away from the hustle, bustle and traffic of Lagos.
I’m sure you all had a fabulous Christmas and I am certain many of you received loads and loads of prayers, guaranteed to start off 2015 on a great note.  
I know I did!  Here are some of the ones I received…
“My prayer for you and yours is for a heart to give your BEST GIFT – Your WORSHIP – to the BEST GIFT God gave us, His Son, our EMMANUEL. Merry Christmas.”
The God of all goodness will supply all your needs and grant the desires of your heart in this season and beyond. May your joy not turn sour, and the blessings of God shall flow ceaselessly in your life throughout the remain days of the year and the coming year. Merry Christmas.”
Pretty heavy right?!  Well in addition to the ones above, here’s my personal Christmas wish to you…
“May the joy and blessings of Christmas be with you and all of yours right up to the New Year and way beyond!”
Happy holidays everyone and have an excellent 2015 in advance!


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