Happy Father’s Day!!!

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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Right:  Dear Daddy & I
Haha!  I just could not resist! 😀  But YES, in the Spirit of the Season, I have decided to wish all dads and “dads-to-be” a “Happy Father’s Day”!  

I spent a better part of today reading all sorts of tributes from friends and Facebook contacts to their dads.  Wish many of them (including me) said as much to their dads often enough on a normal day and not just on the 3rd Sunday in June.  

BUT one particular Facebook post from a friend, Sola Kuti, to his dad was just so awesome I just had to post it here!  I tell you, there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from his post.  I wish I could highlight my favourite parts in the post but then again I’ll probably end up highlighting the whole post!  But there is ONE particular part trumps the rest as my favourite part.  You read it yourself and see if you can guess which one it is…


“I know everyone is going to talk about how wonderful their dad is…and how their dad is the best dad in the world bladdy blah…lol

This fathers day…I just want to say a few words about my dad.

There is no doubt that I have a really great father. He nurtured me and allowed me to flourish…he was never overbearing nor authoritative.

If you knew where I lived on campus when I was a teenager and where school (ISL) was, you would wonder why my dad would drop me off in school…it was all of half a km or less…a 10 min walk… (maybe that was his way of making sure I actually went to school at all…God knows….lol).

My dad is really cool…growing up he was quite calm and easy to please…he would come home late and instead of waking mum up, he would make his own Eba (the man loves eba) if he was hungry…he would heat up stew, eat and go to bed jejelie.

…If he needed to do anything he usually did it himself…the man would wash his own plates and take care of himself…no matter how much you offered to help him…he would always try and do stuff on his own…  Today he lives alone and in his late 70’s is able to still organise his meals and laundry etc.

My dad bought us loads of records in our teens…in fact as a new album came out, we had it…he let us go and watch all the Shalamar and Lakeside concerts…he was never pushy academically but just insisted you did your best and spent your time wisely…  

But most of all, he showed (not told) me, how to value those people that everyone else has written off because they do not measure up to some materialistic standard.

Through some of my toughest, most depressing times, my father stood like a rock when everyone fell apart…when it got to a point where it all seemed hopeless..everyone looked away…my dad stood firm…and did everything he could to support me…I can never pay him back or express just how much it meant to me.

My father is not perfect but I would not consider changing him for the world.  A good way to pay him back is hope work hard to ensure that my kids will feel the same way about me or better.

Happy Fathers day to my father and to all those men out there who try.  Especially those who don’t have so much but do all they can to ensure that their families have at least the basics.  Sometimes it seems like you are not doing enough…but if you do your best, you have done everything.  Don’t ever give up.” – Sola Kuti

Yes!  The feminist in me OBVIOUSLY loves loves the part about his dad not disturbing his mum when he came home late and doing things himself!  It clearly did not make his dad any less of a man… if anything, it earned a lot more respect from his son!  So all you men out there treating your wives as cooks and slaves, please take note and learn from this!  I have heard enough horror stories from ladies that have made my jaw drop!  

But lest I digress, let me wrap this up with an extract from from Eketi Aime Ette’s tribute to her dad!  Note to self to spend more time with my dad!
Dad and I had a wonderful father-daughter outing today. It was a beautiful time spent together. I tell you, fathers don’t get enough credit and accolades in this world.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. I love you ata umiang.  Happy Father’s Day to all my friends who are true fathers, not just baby daddies or biological donors.  May your children be blessings to you, always.” – Eketi Aime Ette

And I say a HUGE AMEN to that!  Happy Father’s Day Everyone!  Enjoy what’s left of it and have a great and successful week ahead!

Hello June!!!!!!!

Hello June!!!!!!!



Hello good people!!!!!!  I can-NOT believe we are almost halfway through 2015!  An I also cannot believe it’s been ages since I last uploaded a post [insert-covering-my-face-emoticon-in-here 🙁 ]  Forgive!  Forgive!! FORGIVE!!!  All as a result of procrastination – and yes I must admit – laziness! 🙁
BUT!!!!  Here I am again!  Pleased to be here!!!  Grinning that my month started off on a great note!  Did someone ask why?!  Don’t worry I’ll tell you now! 

Well for starters, I had an AWESOME long weekend – after a pretty eventful week!  

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to attend what we like to call a “Celebration of Life”.  Yup!  Serious “owambe party tins”.  Haha.
How do I look?!  😀
Then on Thursday night, after class, I attended a James Bond-themed dinner party!  Had a FAH-BU-LOUS time!!! Danced for ages! 
So yes!  I was on top of the world… with good reason too.  
I have one month to deliver on my half-year goals… NO PRESSURE whatsoever 🙁  Though I don’t think I have done too badly – but I know I can and should do better!
SO anywayz… 
Here I am touching base!  Sorry for going AWOL on you!  I wish you all a FABULOUS MONTH ahead filled with lots of fulfilled promises, realised dreams, answered prayers and ticked milestones in Jesus’s Name!  Amen!  
Here’s hoping at the end of the month, you will look back at the past 6 months and be pleased with the giant strides you have taken in line with your 2015 resolutions.
Have a great month ahead!
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