Accounting for Fashion Businesses – our 3-Day Fashion Entrepreneurship Course LIVE on Facebook! Starts 25 Nov. 2017 @ 7pm!

Accounting for Fashion Businesses – our 3-Day Fashion Entrepreneurship Course LIVE on Facebook! Starts 25 Nov. 2017 @ 7pm!

We are wrapping up on 2017!  Time to review our business performance so far and start planning for 2018!  But how do we do this if we don’t even know what our figures are like?

Yes!  I know!  We designers hate figures and numbers!  All we want to do is design all day!  But remember that the minute you decide to start a business, you move from being a designer to an entrepreneur!  And as entrepreneur, you must keep your eyes on the figures. In totality!  Not just the inflows into the account!  Why?!  So we can make smart business decisions, know the true position of our business and best of all, be able to use this year as a yard stick for the next year to improve our profits.  

So how do we do this?!  With an accounting software!  And THAT’s exactly what we will be teaching in our upcoming Course which is happening LIVE on Facebook!  Our previous Facebook Courses have been SUCH a success and we cannot wait to do more!

Just imagine 3 whole days learning accounting right from the comfort of your home! You can register wherever you are and we will teach you the best way we know how… FROM SCRATCH!

Just check out this video.  If you can’t see the video, click on this link

So what will we be learning?  I’ll tell you just now!

Okies so like I said, this is a LIVE Facebook webinar and hands-on training but we are doing things a bit differently this time.  We know many people are totally clueless when it comes to accounting so we will send you your study notes ahead of each class so you are well prepared!

We will teach you bookkeeping and accounting principles from scratch, provide templates for your books of records and teach you how to fill them in, help you set up an online accounting system for your fashion business and also review your work to be sure you have everything covered. 

SAVE on HUGE accounting fees and keep track of your business! Register wherever you are! Other entrepreneurs are welcome as well.

Dates are 25th Nov, 2nd & 3rd Dec, 2017 @ 7pm! Fees are N20,000 only. 

Registration is simply paying into Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843, GTBank. 

Send your Facebook Name and Email address by SMS only to 08097876075 after payment.
And guess what?!  

You get a 10% discount if you register by Wednesday 22 Nov.  

All Martwayne students and previous FEC students as well get a 15% discount off.  

Simply include your Martwayne registration number and the Course you applied for in the remarks when paying. when paying else we will not grant you access to the Group un
Excellent! Have your phones & laptops ready. Contact us if you have questions:

WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075
Blackberry: D8E9802C
Instagram: @martwayne

Please don’t leave it till the last minute! We need time to send you your notes and also for you to read it before the class.

And don’t worry if you have a bad connection.  You can always watch the video later.

Okies!  That’s it!  Please share and forward. Tell everyone to tell everyone! 

We’ll see you on Day 1!
How to Start Your Clothing Line – Our next LIVE Facebook Training comes up on Saturday, 28 October 2017 @ 7pm! Register now!

How to Start Your Clothing Line – Our next LIVE Facebook Training comes up on Saturday, 28 October 2017 @ 7pm! Register now!

YES!  Our very 1st LIVE Facebook Course was the bomb!  Who would have thought right?!  That you could get the very same training with the opportunity to ask all your questions right from the comfort of your home!  It was SUCH a good feeling! If you missed it, you missed out!  We discussed real scenarios with designers asking questions and funny enough we went way beyond Costing and Pricing.  In fact that was just a tiny portion of the Course.  We focused more on HOW TO SELL! It was tres fab! BUT not to worry.  You can still register for it.  The video is still available.  Not the same feeling as the live training but just as good.  

Coming up next is our next topic in the series – HOW TO START YOUR CLOTHING LINE!

We will be talking about the Clothing Production Process – what you need and the options available, production vs outsourcing, etc.  And yes it is very interactive.  You can ask all your questions and I will be responding LIVE!

How to Register:

The Course Fees are N5,000 only and there are 2 options available.

Automated Registration:

Simply click on and once you register, it reroutes you to the Group automatically.  Don’t worry, it is very safe and secure and you can Pay with Card or Bank.  I prefer this method to be honest.

BUT if you are still worried, you can register manually.

Manual Registration:

Simply transfer the fees by cash or online transfer into:

 Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843, GTBank 

and send your ‘Facebook Name, E-Mail Address & FEC 2’ by SMS only to 0809 787 6075.  

Or if you want to fasttrack the process a bit, you can add send me a friend invite on Facebook.  I can only invite my a ‘friend’ to the Group.  But you still have to send the SMS because I need to confirm registration first.

My Facebook Name is ‘Tope Williams’.  Yes.  I am usually the first person who pops up with a bob and an orange top! 🙂

Easy peasy!  And then you simply get a cold drink, chill on your couch and watch the Training live on your phone.  And yes it is a proper training with slides and all. Same as it happens here in our Training Center.  Only you don’t have to contend with the traffic and you can join WHEREVER YOU ARE!  The beauty of the World Wide Web!

And don’t worry if you have a bad connection.  You can still get access to the same video.  But if you register after the training, you will still access a video – but likely the edited one since people will be discussing their personal issues and it would seem a bit awkward.  So don’t leave it till later simply because oh… you can still access it.

Great!  That’s it!  If you have questions, you can chat me up on WhatsApp on 0809 787 6075 or email or chat on Blackberry: D8E9802C

Have a GREAT week!

Oh PS!

Other trainings coming up:

–  Building Business Structures for Your Fashion Company – Accounting, Tax, Legal & Admin (also on Facebook) – N7,500

BUT if you want the extended in-house version, there is a 3-day Course coming up:

–  ‘Building Business Structures for Your Fashion Company’ which includes an added module ‘How to Set Up an Accounting System with an Accounting Software’.  You need your laptop for that but you get free internet access so we can set you up properly!

Excellent!  Tell everyone to tell everyone!

I will cyber-see you on Saturday! 😀

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