How Do I Start My Fashion Business?

How Do I Start My Fashion Business?

Hello good people!!!!!  I’m sure you all had a GREAT holiday!  I know I did!  I am already looking forward to the next one… (who knows when the next one is coming up?!)  Anywayz!  I had a pretty restful one – totally thankful!  
Haha…. I thought this was hilarious!  I just could not resist!
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Ok!  So here is my BN post!  I have actually had this question thrown at me so many times, I knew writing about it was only a matter of time.  Seeing I managed not to lift a finger over the holiday, here is the article which was actually posted on Bella Naija on Thursday.  I made minimal changes to it since I realised it was edited and some portions of my thought process (re: punctuations and brackets) were lost in the editing AND I also added more pictures… 

Tope Williams-Adewunmi:  How Exactly Do I Start My Fashion Business?
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Great!  Glad you’ve taken the first step and decided to take your love for fashion more seriously. But you have no clue how to go about it.  So, we’ll start from the very beginning… hopefully these steps will help shape that vision and move you from concept to reality.
Oh…P.S… It will not happen in one day, or a week, or even a month!  If you want to do it properly, it will take a while. So remember these words… baby steps.
First Step? Making the decision!
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You need to decide what exactly what you want to do in the industry and stick to it! This really is the hardest part because you might not even have a clue. And even if you do, people will advise you to go down a different route. So please make that decision before you start off or else you will be miserable – or worse, act on that advice and end up wasting a lot of money in the process. 
But the money isn’t really the issue here. The issue is you waking up one morning 10 years from now wondering how exactly you got there.
So if, for example, all you always wanted to do was design wedding gowns, find a way to make this work even if there is a lot of money to be made from sewing uniforms – EXCEPT you are doing it just to gather enough funds to start off. In which case, give yourself a time limit and stick to it as best as you can.
Next Thing?! 
Writing a life plan for your fashion idea! 
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No no… don’t roll your eyes yet… I am not talking about a business plan here. Yes many of us tune off when we hear the term “business plan” (including me).  Don’t worry, the business plan will come later and you can always outsource that.  For now, get a notepad and a pen and begin to write – in clear terms what you want to do. If 5 years you have deviated from this plan, you can find your way back.
For example, you can start off with… (let’s pretend you’re in italics and I’m the voice in your head [in brackets] guiding you along OR you can do this with a friend):
    I know I like fashion:  [Ok… yes we have established that. What aspect of fashion do you

   Ladies wear:   [Oh nice! Why ladies wear?]
    I don’t know… I just love clothes and dressing ladies up:  [Ok… so why do you need to 
become a fashion designer to do this?  You don’t have to be fashion designer to dress
people up. Perhaps all you really want to be is a stylist. Or do you want to do this because
being a fashion designer sounds cool?]
Well… At this point, you need to know who a fashion designer really is. So conduct some research and be sure this is what you really want to do. Convince yourself of why you want to be the person designing the clothes the ladies will wear… while I move on from this point…
[Ok great! So ladieswear! What aspect of ladies wear?]
    Everything! I would like to design everything a woman can wear!  [Errrr… Seriously?  How is that even possible? Even if you can, let’s take one idea at a time.]
[Let’s get down to specifics. What do you want to start off with?]
    I think I’d like to design ladies casual wear:  [You think? You’re not sure?! Let’s try
again. What is the first thing you sketch when you put pencil to paper?] 
Now would be a good time to quickly sketch something.  Even if you are not great at sketching.  You can also explain your design in words.  That will determine who exactly you are as a fashion designer. You might think you want to design casual wear but find yourself designing  evening wear.
    Okay…. Done! I know I want to design casual wear:   [Oh-kay! Nice! What type of casual
    Maybe t-shirts:  [Maybe? Or certainly?!  Try your hand at another sketch]
    Actually I’ve always wanted to have my own T-Shirt line:   [Ok great! T-Shirts then!
What type of T-Shirts?]
    Printed Tees with an interesting twist:  [Ok… now I’m rolling my eyes. Please narrow it
    Okay, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to draw faces on t-shirts with safety pins and sea shells for example:   [This is the point where I tell you it does sound bizarre but hey… stranger things have happened in fashion. So who knows… it can work.]
And that’s it! You go on and on until you begin to narrow it down or till you hit a road block. If you do hit a block… take a breather and start over from where you left off.
When you are done with soul-searching…
It’s time for Research! Research!! Research!!!
Image from:×300.jpg
Oh this part is vital! Many of us hate doing research but it is key! Obviously, the Internet Institute is your first point of call! Many consume themselves with just the production aspect of design but I believe it is important to start from scratch.
Find out everything you need to know about making T-Shirts, right down to the history of t-shirts, how they evolved over time, who buys t-shirts, who wears the most t-shirts, how much do T-shirts costs, where are t-shirts produced e.t.c. Why? You might think ladies wear t-shirts but find out during your research that the type of t-shirts you want to design might actually appeal to teenagers. The question is, do you want to design for teenagers? It’s all up to you. Talk to people, ask questions, meet with t-shirt designers, etc. The research never ends – even when you start off.  And whatever decision you make based on that research goes into that notepad as well.
After research (which is on-going by the way), the next step is to:
Get the Relevant Knowledge to Excel in That Field
Love both pictures so decided to use both 😀
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Image 2 (right) from:
Now is the time to get the skills – either through some form of formal education or through work experience.  If you cannot sketch, learn how to sketch. If you feel you want to learn how to sew, then learn how to sew – though it is not mandatory for fashion designers to know how to sew. However, with the horror stories I have heard from fashion designers about their tailors and machinists, you might be better off learning – no matter how little if you want to live longer.
SO!  You can choose to go to a fashion school, be self taught (there are enough resources online if you do the research) or get some form of work experience – either paid or unpaid.  That knowledge is necessary to guide your production team – regardless of whether you are producing the T-shirts in-house or outsourcing production. I tell you, it will save you a lot of headache in the long run!
Next up?!
Testing the Market!
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You need to know if people will buy your designs before you take off!  Ask people what they don’t like about your work – that way they give you proper constructive criticism. It helps you improve your product and also builds you a thick skin.
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Testing the market also helps you know if what you believe was the greatest invention since… errr… cellphones is really that fab.  You just might find out that the “oh-so-brilliant” idea you had of designing t-shirts with seashells and safety pins was a pretty dumb idea after all.  Should you dump that idea?! Nope. You might choose to go ahead and take the chance or go back to the drawing board and restrategize by replacing the safety pins with bugle beads.
And just when you are about to launch out:
Pray! Pray!! And PRAY!!!
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You really need that divine intervention. Only that inner peace can trump the fear that you are bound to feel deep down.  And you will feel that initial fear but just go ahead and launch – no matter how small.
Launching does not necessarily mean having a fashion show. It could mean uploading your items or sketches on your site or online platforms, selling to your friends and colleagues, or just simply showing people your designs and taking their orders whilst working with your tailor.  In my opinion, as long as you are ready to start accepting cash for your creative ideas, you have launched out.
Truth be told, it really is not that hard to become a fashion designer. The difficulty lies in being a successful one and I doubt anyone has the perfect recipe for success. But what I always say is what’s the worst that could happen right?  You fall flat on your face or get some mean comments from people who hate your work. What do you do? You pick yourself up after crying for days and try again! Someone out there is bound to like your work and you will eventually carve out your own niche market! ?
Great! Those are my tips. I do have more but I’ll stop here.  I’m sure there are a whole lot more out there as well so if you also have tips and pointers for us, do share them as well so we can learn from you!
This Article originally appeared on… 
…(with only the first picture and the italics and the missing brackets here and there.  I honestly cannot do without pictures.  Makes for a more pleasant read methinks… :-D)
Anywayz… hope this helped.
Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments section so we can all learn from you and your experiences as well.  I hear some people have had issues with posting comments.  Apologies…hopefully it will become easier.
Have a great and productive week ahead!  And watch out for my next BN post! 😀
Why Haven’t You Pursued Your Dream of Becoming a Fashion Designer? Bella Naija Article 1

Why Haven’t You Pursued Your Dream of Becoming a Fashion Designer? Bella Naija Article 1

Haha!  I told you I was on a role this July! 😀  I had been putting this off FOR AGES!  Yes I know… I really am bad at procrastinating!  But lately the nudging got so bad that I just decided one night to just go for it!  And I did! 😀

And I already have comments :-D… which are always the best part of writing an article! Just check them out! 😀

Amazing right?!  This is the BEST feeling right?!  The best part about people leaving comments on your article is the fact that the feedback you get makes you know that what you are doing is actually making an impact on people.  Nothing better than knowing you are speaking to people and they are responding to you!  

I hardly ever get comments on my articles on this blog so sometimes I’m never really inspired to write because I don’t even know if people are reading what I am writing about.  So when I even feel like writing, I’m just like “argh… what’s the point… I’m not even sure if people are reading this”.

So please people!  Encourage a sister by actually posting your responses on the blog not buzzing me up privately on Blackberry or WhatsApp.  Let people out there also know that they are not the only ones out there with the issue and let me feel encouraged so I can write more!  I always have lots to share and would love to share them with you! 😀  I tell you, this is what I love most about what I do – helping people out and adding value!

Great!  So here is the article below.  I copied and pasted it from the original post!  Looking forward to reading your comments too. 😀  

Ok… so you have always wanted to become a fashion designer…for any of the following reasons:
  • You have always loved sketching clothes as soon as you were able to hold a pencil;
  • You used to make clothes for your dolls;
  • You know you have the talent and everyone knows that – they even come to you when they need styles for their aso-ebi; … or the one I get often…
  • You were just tired of your tailor and you knew you could do better. It’s the classic tale of ‘I tell her one thing and she churns out something else and we keep going back and forth!’ (This was my story…)

You know it. Everyone knows it. You just have to become a fashion designer! You have the gift, you have the talent and you know you will make a lot of money from it. And you keep promising yourself that next year you will definitely take this up!
December comes and you write your goals for the coming year, and top of of the list?! “Finally pursue this dream of mine!” The new year hits and you are all fired up! Google becomes your best friend. You start your research “How to Become a Fashion Designer”, you start making calls and you even visit some fashion schools because you want to learn how to sew.
And then the holidays are over and reality hits. Work or school begins and the momentum you built over the holidays starts slowing down. Before you know it, the excuses start pouring in. You begin to convince yourself that “now is not the right time”. Why? You tell yourself…
• I have an extremely busy schedule and simply cannot create the time!
• Won’t people think I’m crazy?! Leaving a good job for fashion?!
• I have a family to feed, how much money can I possibly make from fashion;
• I think I am too old and don’t even know how or where to start from;
• I don’t have the money so let me work some more to gather more funds;
• The good fashion schools are too far and I cannot give up my weekends;
• I cannot get distracted now, I am at a crucial point in my life;
• I’m about to get that promotion so now is not a good time to leave.
• I cannot do this, what if I fail?!
And the excuses keep piling up. And yes, these are good and valid points which make all the sense in the world… or are they?! Maybe… just maybe these excuses are just a cover for the real reason you have refused to make that move – FEAR! And worse, you have refused to admit it to yourself!
Yes we all face these fears.
• Fear of failure;
• Fear of the unknown;
• Fear that people will laugh at you;
• Fear that people won’t like your work;
• Fear that you are too old;… I can go on and on…
I can, however, assure you that there is one thing wayyyyyy worse than fear and that is the regret you feel years down the line when the world has moved on and you are still stuck in the same space. You think you have missed that opportunity (emphasis on the word “think”) and bitterness sets in. You blame everything and everyone around you, including yourself (if you have the guts to blame yourself), for missing that opportunity.
But guess what? It is never too late to make the move. So what if you fail? Big deal. You try again or worse, you backtrack and go back to your job or get another job – you will not be the first to do so. But at least there is that satisfaction you get knowing that you scratched that itch and bled in the process; knowing that you discovered after trying it out that it was not for you. At least, now you know.
But then again, you really do not need to dive into the ocean and give everything up in a flash! Baby steps they call it. Test the waters first. Use your spare time (and yes everyone has some spare time no matter how busy they are) and start something on the side no matter how little. Could be selling your sketches to designers or even your colleagues who need fabulous styles for Asoebi Bella, working with your tailor to bring your sketches to life and selling them to colleagues or even learning how to sew. The best thing is your market is all around you! Everyone loves a fashion designer because everyone must wear clothes! Do that until you build that confidence to take the full plunge!
Oh… and one more thing… try not to give in to procrastination! Yes it is difficult and I, for one, am extremely guilty of it! Take this article for example. I have been meaning to write about this for ages and this is what?! July already! I just kept postponing until I said to myself just now “Argh! You know what?! Just do this now!” And it is exactly 2.18am!
And that is literally all it takes! For you to say to yourself “Argh! I’m doing this now!” Not tomorrow, not when I get home, NOW!
So there you have it! I’ve made my move! How about you?! Tell us why you have not yet made that move into the fashion industry!

OH!  P.S!!!

Don’t forget our fashion courses coming up soon!  I will keep hammering on these till the start dates!  Just click on the home page to see more and I am working on the other posts for the other Courses but here is a list of the Courses 😀

–  Beginners Course (a sewing course) – registration on-going

–  Bodices & Dressmaking Course (a sewing course for those who can already sew) – registration on-going

–  Short Course in Corsetry – 17 June

–  Pattern-Making & Grading with Computer-Aided Design – 27 June

–  Design, Fashion Illustration with Computer-Aided Design – 15th & 18th July – both weekend and weekday options available

– Basic Fashion Course for Juniors (ages 9-16) – 1st – 25th August

–  Short Course in Childrenswear – 22nd August

Yes we have great courses coming up.  Watch out for the posts or contact us on 0818 395 8856, WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075 or on Blackberry D8E9802C or email for more details.
Great!  Enjoy the article and see you on these dates!

Check Out the Brilliant Work by Corps Members at the NYSC SAED Competition!  Can You Guess Which Zone Came 1st?!

Check Out the Brilliant Work by Corps Members at the NYSC SAED Competition! Can You Guess Which Zone Came 1st?!

Oh I had a GREAT day today!!! I spent half of my day with some “pree-tty” talented Corps Members!  Yup!  I was invited to be a judge… (errr… let me take that again…)…. I was invited to be the CHIEF JUDGE [yes thank you :-D] at this edition of the NYSC SAED Lagos Competition.  Actually to be honest, I have been a judge since the maiden edition but I must say, this particular one, which is like the 5th one, was the toughest one to judge!

Okay… before I even go very far, let me tell you quickly what SAED is about for those who have no clue what I’m on about…

SAED, which stands for Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development, is an initiative of the NYSC to promote entrepreneurship in an environment that constantly experiences a high rate of unemployment.  So during the service year, Corps Members are encouraged to learn a skill of their choice in order to create jobs for themselves rather than get frustrated whilst waiting for a job.  So there are quite a number of trainings available ranging from Fashion Design [obviously :-D] to fish farming and even training on solar energy systems.  You name it, there’s probably a training available.

So yes, after the training, there is usually a competition amongst the 4 zones in Lagos State, which tests the performance of the leaders and the Corps Members in the various zones.  In addition to rating the performance of the zonal leaders, the other categories are basic ICT knowledge, cake-baking, jewellery, shoes, bags and clothing.  

Now what makes this competition intense is the fact that the Corps Members are given just a few hours to complete a total look for a model and they literally complete the task at the competition.  And honestly, that is what I totally respect!  So much work in so little time… and the best part is THEY ALL DELIVERED!

Okay… enough of the long story, just check out the pictures which pretty much speak for themselves:

The Speeches:

Mrs. Mary Dan-Abia, Director SAED; Mr. A.C. Akhanemhe NYSC Lagos State Coordinator 
& Mrs. Rachael Idaewor, AD SAED Lagos 
[I also gave a speech as per Chief Judge “con-sign” haha but there was noone to take my picture 🙁 ] 

Members of the High Table:

The Judges:
😀 😀 😀

The Prizes:

Pretty Cool Gifts right?!  I know how many rechargeable fans I have bought in the last month alone…

& The Reason We’re All Here…:  The Talented Corps Members!!!!!

Hard At Work:

Zone A: Ikeja Zone (made up of the Alimosho, Agege, Ifako Ijaiye, Ikeja 1, Ikeja 2 & Oshodi-Isolo LGAs)

Oh… by the way… the same person has to create the shoes and the bag…

Quite an interesting cake right?… Character cake she called it.  Can you guess what it is?


Zone B: Island Zone (made up of Eti-Osa 1, Eti-Osa 2, Eti-Osa 3, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Ibeju Lekki & Epe LGAs):


Ok… the jewellery designer was already done with her work by the time I started taking pictures…

Can’t recall what this lady called her cake… plain cake I believe she told me…


Zone C:  Ojo Zone (made up of Amuwo Odofin, Ojo, Apapa and Ajeronmi LGAs)

The jewellery designer was also done by the time I started taking pictures…

Another Character Cake.  I’m sure you can picture what this is already…

Zone D:  Shomolu Zone (made up of Ikorodu, Kosofe, Mushin, Shomolu & Surulere LGAs)

Almost done…:

AND THE FINAL RESULT (Drumroll please………….!!!!!!!!!)

Haha… keep scrolling…..


Oh-kay!  Let’s see the models!

Zones A – D in their order…


Love! Love!! Love!!! this dress to bits! And I LOVE the fit!

Dress by Defounga Harriet ; LA/14C/0043 ; 0806 251 5144

Beads by Nwachukwu Chidiebere Nnenna ; LA/14B/3014 ; 0703 328 5849

Shoes & Bag by Adekola Ifedolapo ; LA/14B/1382 ; 0706 290 6112

Cake by Ohiara Ndidiamaka Vivial of Jesus Baby Cakes ; LA/14B/1000 ; 0706 464 3634  
BBM: 7FD2CA94 ; E-Mail:


Remember this picture?!  Come to think of it, she was the only one who had a sketch of her design…

Well…. Here is the finished product!

Love the drama in the back of the dress!  The model was obviously enjoying herself… haha… 

  And L.O.V.E. the bag – VERY Striking!  And the studs on the shoes! 

Dress by Emediong Ekpedime Akpacti of Emebless Design ; LA/14B/3370 ; 0706 477 5505

Beads by Chukka Uchechukwu Chinenye of UC Beads; LA/14B/3001 ; 0803 637 0442

Shoes & Bag by Ige Oluwakemi Victoria of Vickiemoore Collections ; LA/14B/4082 ;  
0803 605 6435

Make Up by Francisca Emeruwa of Kiarex Glitz; LA/14C/0862 ; 0806 967 6541

Model: Amadi Ebele Vivian ; LA/14B/3801 ; 0703 572 3424

Cake by Amoo Aminat of Aminat’s Cake ; LA/14C/411 ;  0807 375 6911 ; BBM: 7963D2F2
E-Mail: ; Instagram: @Aminat’sCake



Love the Colours in the dress and this cake made me smile the most… 🙂

Dress by Akpan Uduak ; LA/14C/1695 ; 0806 659 8579

Beads by Amyanjo Cynthia O. ; LA/14C/3195 ; 0703 661 6745

Shoes & Bag by Otor Oghenetejiri Frances ; LA/14B/3206 ; 0806 388 4389

Cake by Ikechukwu M. Nancy ; LA/14B/0167 ; ; 0816 840 0511


I thought the jewellery was pretty unique.  And this cake was just scrumptious to look at… Had strawberries and cherries… (yum!)

Dress by Akeredolu Kemisola ; LA/14C/1280 ; Mercy Kay Fits ; 0703 653 3961

Beads by Ibraheem Karimot Ayoni of AL Kareem Beadsmaking ; LA/14B/0874 ; 
0706 738 7577

Bag & Shoes by Oladele Kafayah of Biokaf Wears ; LA/14C/3095 / 0703 504 9749

Cake by Ayinla Kudirat Olabisi of Qudrah Cakes ; 0706 551 9609


Inspection of the Work by Members of the High Table.. and of course the Judges…:


The Director was soooo impressed she just had to take pictures… 😀

And of course… the judging… 😀

And showcasing of more work by the Beadmaker in Zone B! 

So YES!!! I told you it was a great day!  I was really pleased with the work and I think I just might order one of the dresses.  And so should you!  The work was great and patronising them is a great way to encourage them.  Working with your hands is not easy  – trust me I know!  And with the fierce competition out there, they need a good headstart to build their confidence level!

AND now I bet you are just itching to know which Zone won right?!  Haha!  You tell me!  Can you guess?  The first person who guesses correctly in the comments section gets a recharge card from me!  😀  

Looking forward to your answers!  Let’s see if we the judges made the right decision!
The “Prince of Peace” – The Real Significance of Easter…

The “Prince of Peace” – The Real Significance of Easter…

“Prince of Peace”, The Image of Jesus as painted by Akiane Kramarik;
Picture from

Ever since I saw this image of Jesus in the movie, Heaven Is For Real, I have been extremely drawn to it.  I remember my sister telling me about a documentary she watched where the producers were trying to recreate his image based on some assertions and that conversation came back to me when I saw this picture.

The Painting, “Prince of Peace” was created by Akiane Kramarik ( at the age of 8, after her personal experiences and visions of Heaven and Jesus.  According to what I read on, the official site where the painting can be bought, 

“She began praying and searching diligently for someone that looked similar to who she saw in her vision of Jesus.  One day, after hours of focused prayer, a man knocked on her door.  He had heard she was looking for a model for a portrait of Jesus and offered to sit for it.  Akiane accepted his offer and the result is her first masterpiece, the Prince of Peace”.

I have seen many images of Jesus and I know I did a double take when I first saw this image in the movie.  Whenever I look at this picture, I feel a lot of emotions arising within me for some reason I really can’t explain.  And for that singular reason, I honestly truly believe this may have been what He looked like.  

Who knows… Perhaps it was Jesus who came to Akiane and actually posed for this picture.  After all, when the disciples first met Jesus after the resurrection, they did not know it was Him.  Same with Mary Magdalene.  But this is just my take on it.  

As I reflect on what Easter means to me, Akiane’s words seem very apt on why there is a light and dark side to the Image.  She says:

“Love and truth are represented 
on the light side of Jesus’ Face;
The other is of darkness and suffering 
yet there’s light in His Eye.
This light is a reminder that
He is ALWAYS with us!” – Akiane

And I believe this is what Easter is all about.  To me, it speaks about the Peace I always feel within me whenever I think of my personal relationship with Jesus, the Sacrifice He Made on the Cross and the Hope that is constantly renewed within me when sometimes I feel down and feel lost.

In this special season, I wish for you and all of yours the true blessings of Easter.  May this period truly manifest itself with the renewal of our minds and may it bring us closer to Him and make us truly appreciate what He gave up to bring us closer to God.

And my prayer for you is this:

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus,
The Love of God
And the Sweet Fellowship of The Holy Spirit
Be With Us All
Now and Forever More


God Bless You All.  Do have a great Easter and a fabulous long holiday!  


Oh.  PS.

You can read the rest of Akiane’s Poem about this Painting at the link below:

Celebrating My AMAZING Sister & In Fact All Ladies… Continue to EXCEL!

Celebrating My AMAZING Sister & In Fact All Ladies… Continue to EXCEL!

Screenshot from ‘s homepage
So we had a GREAT Course yesterday!!!  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it in a separate post!
BUT before then…
I just have to celebrate this AMAZING lady who has achieved so much in SUCH a short time!  Well…. short is pretty relative but vis-a-vis her age, she has achieved A WHOLE LOT!



Meet Temilola, my sister…. yup also my Maid of Honour.  😀
She may appear all innocent-looking and all but HA!  Do not be fooled!  She is smoking HAWT!  A FIRE-FOR-FIRE no-nonsense lady filled with BRAINS!!!  
I HAD TO talk about her achievements today, not only because she is being celebrated by her University as one of the 41 “extraordinary” women as part of International Women’s Day but also for the following reasons:
– First to prove to all the chauvinist guys out there that we ladies are more than just fine faces; 
– Second to celebrate ladies who are making a mark in one way or the other in their various endeavours; and
– Third, to encourage ladies out there who are still pressing on despite facing many challenges.
I remember calling into a radio station about 3 years ago.  Someone had sent an sms to the host with his New Year wish which went along the lines of:
“I wish in this New Year, women would be less mediocre”.  
I felt so insulted by that SMS that I called into the station and give whoever wrote that a piece of my mind.  I stated point blank that “birds of the same feather flocked together”.  As far as I was concerned, if he was surrounded by “mediocre” women, then it was a determinant of the kind of person he was since “mediocre women” (whatever that means) gravitated towards him.  
PLUS I challenged him, hopefully he was listening, why he had not done anything to improve the lives of the so-called mediocre women.
A designer who recognised my voice called me to tell me a client of hers who heard my comment said “I was too opinionated for a woman and worse, his wife who was sitting beside him said nothing!   
I don’t know about you but I am surrounded by successful women!  Women at the pinnacle of their careers!  Women who are not defined by society’s double standards and women who ensure that, despite all, they will rise up above every circumstance!  Women who are not defined by the men they marry or by who the society expects them to be i.e. the weaker vessel.  I am surrounded by women who make a name for themselves and rise above all, despite all society throws in our faces! 
And this post just proves that!  
I posted this on Instagram earlier.  Now you tell me why I should not get a band together and make all the noise I can make 😀  Always great to be associated with inspiring people.

Proud! Proud!! PROUD of my sister!!! 



Not only a Phd holder (at UNDER 30 by the way) after 2 Masters Degrees (from the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick – like WOW right?!) Oh yes! Let’s not forget about her 1ST CLASS from the University of Ghana, Legon!




BUT also 1 of the 41 “extraordinary” women celebrated by the University of Exeter as part of International Women’s Week.




Now tell me why I should not be grinning from ear to ear 


We are more than just a bunch of fine ladies in our house. We have the brains as well!
Congratulations Temilola!!!!! Many many more recognitions to come!


Taken from Temilola’s Blackberry Update
And she made the Monday web cover as well! That clearly is a big deal!  And that is why I am also posting this ON a Monday to start our week off on a great note!  I know mine started off on an excellent note!
Check out what she has to say at this link:
My sister’s story is amazing.  And perhaps someday she might let me tell it… (though I really doubt it but who knows…) She faced a lot of challenges but I bet she has pretty much forgotten them now with this recognition.  Anyone studying a Phd. will tell you it is not easy work at all and finally, it seems all that pain and hard work have just paid off!  And the sky is the limit!
As always our greatest thanks go to God – first of all – for seeing her through all her challenges.  AND second, for giving us an AMAZING mother who consistently encourages us to be the best we can be and supports us all the way at whatever we do.  
Congratulations Temilola!  We know how hard you worked. And my prayer is that you continue to defy all odds and may God continue to give you the strength to take on new challenges and excel in all you do.  Continue to make us proud!  We love you to bits and we are there with you every step of the way! 😀 
And congratulations to every woman out there reaching milestones in their careers!  We live in a society where people expect us to sit and be pretty; one where men believe for them to listen to what we have to say, we must be “visually stimulating” (as someone said to me).  Just imagine that!    
Gone are the days of “trophy wives”.  Never compromise on your standards and never make excuses for your success!  Do not have a victim mentality, do not do what society expects if it means lowering your self-worth and never let anyone make you feel less than adequate because you don’t have a ring on your finger.  
Buy that car if you want to, buy that house if you can afford it.  Any man who is intimidated by you or your success is not worthy of you in the first place!  
Trust me! The BEST is yet to come!
Have a great week!
Wishing ALL LADIES a Happy Mothers Day!

Wishing ALL LADIES a Happy Mothers Day!

This picture says it all!  And that is why my wishes go to not just mothers but every single lady out there who is a mother or potential mother, regardless of age.

You also need to be celebrated because you do contribute and play a role in people’s lives- the same way a mother would.

Have an EXCELLENT Mother’s Day!
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