Are you stuck on how to do a

proper Costing and Pricing for

Your Products & Services?

Do you lose a lot of money from

improper billing?

Are you tired of working so hard

with nothing left at the end of the Month?

Then you are in the right place!

costing and pricing

Now You can Learn a

Simple Costing & Pricing Method

that will help you:

- cover your costs and make a profit;

- charge confidently for your products;

- understand the mistakes you are making in your billing;


- finally grow your income and stop running out of cash.

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What Will You Learn?

In this 1 hour 25 minute Course, you will be learning the following:

At the end of the Course, you will have learnt how to:

What Do You Need? 

Meet Your Instructor

Entrepreneur, Fashion Professional, Author, Trainer & Business Consultant.  

South-African trained and well versed in entrepreneurship matters as affects small business owners.  Training & eLearning expert with undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design, years of tax accounting and advisory experience with KPMG Professional Services and practical work experience in garment manufacturing.  

I run Martwayne where we help entrepreneurs turn their passion into a viable business. Over the years, I realized the greatest frustration faced by business owners is inadequate cash flow and this is due to improper costing and pricing.  I have been there before so I know what the frustration feels like.  The business spends more than it makes and caves in under the pressure of huge costs.  If you are also going through this, I can assure you that this Online Course in Costing & Pricing will work wonders for your business.  It helps you plan and come up with a price that is fair to you and your customer.

Learn Wherever You Are

Access your Course instantly from any device - laptop, tablet or mobile phone

It's Time to Transform Your Business!

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Someone you know needs this.

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