Are you stuck on how to do a proper Costing and Pricing for Your Products & Services?

Do you lose a lot of money from improper billing?

Are you tired of working so hard with nothing left at the end of the Month?

Then you are in the right place!

Now You can learn a 

Simple Costing & Pricing Method

that will help you:

- cover your costs and make a profit;

- charge confidently for your products;

- understand the mistakes you are making in your billing; 

- grow your income;

- stop running out of cash; and

- finally pay yourself a salary.

Running a business is hard work but running a business that makes you no money is not only worse but downright frustrating! You do all the work but end up feeling cheated because there is nothing left over at the end of the month or even pay a salary.

This Costing and Pricing Online Course, not only highlights the problems you are making as a business owner with respect to your prices but also, teaches you what exactly you need to do to avoid it. 

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Are you facing this Problem?

It's the end of the month and you're panicking.  Your bank account is empty and there's nothing left over to pay your bills. You're struggling, you're angry and you're frustrated!

After all the busy days and sleepless nights delivering to so many customers, all your hard work vanishes at the end of every month.  All you do is pay bills, staff salaries and run a business that, if you were honest with yourself, takes so much from you without giving anything back.

You are overworked, you are broke, you can't afford to pay yourself a salary (in fact you invest all you have in the business), the situation is completely depressing and frankly you've had enough!

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Rule No 1: Never lose money

Rule No 2: Never forget Rule No 1


What if I show a solution to this never-ending rat race that will ensure you make lots of income, grow your revenue and ensure you finally pay yourself a decent salary! 

What Will You Learn?

In this 90-minute Course, you will learn the following:

  • Introduction: Defining the Problem
  • Components of Simple Costing & Pricing
  • Simple Costing & Pricing Calculation
  • How to Compute Your Profit or Loss
  • How to Cut Costs & Increase Your Cash Flow
  • An Easy Solution to Your Pricing Needs
  • Conclusion

  • At the end of the Course, you will have learnt:

    - the difference between costing and pricing;

    - how to identify the various costs that go into production;

    - how to arrive at a proper selling price;

    - how to determine the impact of these costs on your bottom line;

    - how to charge each cost, such as electricity and even rent, to each product;

    - how to cut down on costs to increase your cash flow and profit;

    - how to set a proper selling price and grow your income;

    - different pricing strategies such as price skimming, price penetration, etc;

    - how to make business decisions based on facts and data;

    - how to build your confidence to charge the prices you deserve.

    Meet Your Instructor

    Entrepreneur, Fashion Professional, Author, Trainer & Business Consultant.  

    South-African trained and expereinced in entrepreneurship matters as affects small business owners.  Training & eLearning expert with undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design, years of tax accounting and advisory experience with KPMG Professional Services and practical work experience in garment manufacturing.  

    I run Martwayne where we help entrepreneurs turn their passion into a viable business. Over the years, I realized the greatest frustration faced by business owners is inadequate cash flow and this is due to improper costing and pricing.  I have been there before so I know what the frustration feels like.  The business spends more than it makes and caves in under the pressure of huge costs.  If you are also going through this, I can assure you that this Online Course in Costing & Pricing will work wonders for your business.  It helps you plan and come up with a price that is fair to you and your customer.

    TOPE williams-adewunmi

    founder, martwayne

    An Even Better Deal:

    costing vs pricing

    Get the Online Course + EBook at over 40% discount!!!

    EBook Contents:


    Bills! Bills!! Bills!!! 

    Chapter 1:     

    Let's Identify the Problem

    Chapter 2:     

    3 Ways to Turn Around a Business 

    Chapter 3:     

    Costing & Pricing Calculation Simplified 

    Chapter 4:     

    Quick Task

    Chapter 5: 

    Redefining the Problem

    Chapter 6:     

    The Real Price to Consider 

    Chapter 7:     

    Talking Figures 

    Chapter 8:     

    Understanding Costing & Pricing

    Chapter 9:     

    How to Compute Your Costs & Prices

    Chapter 10:   

    How to Charge Each Cost to Every Product Or Service to Determine the Selling Price

    Chapter 11:   

    The Winning Formula 

    Chapter 12:   

    Comparison & Decision

    Chapter 13:   

    How to Cut Down on Costs

    Chapter 14:   

    Other Pricing Strategies you Can Adopt

    Chapter 15:  

    What We Set Out to Achieve


    Next Steps

    "Since reading this ebook, I have come to realize the pain creative entrepreneurs bear while growing their business and running out of cash.  It's unfortunate that all the enthusiasm and hardwork that come with running your business can turn out to be a waste because of failing to identify all business-related costs and use proper pricing.

    Tope mentions these costs and makes you aware of the critical cost components for pricing successfully and for building a successful business.  Her writing style makes the book easy to read and very importantly, remember."

    chinedum ewuzie

    founder, dextrom consulting

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