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Designers often struggle with getting it right when it comes to Patternmaking for Fashion Design. For some, it is the difficulty with getting good fashion schools in Lagos or anywhere else in the world. For others, it is the challenge of applying knowledge gained from fashion books.  For you, it may be:

  • Difficulty with designing clothes that fit just right;
  •  Finding yourself in a ‘what I ordered vs what I got’ situation with your client;
  • Inability to create dress patterns for your sketches; 
  • Difficulty with designing using different types of fabrics;
  • Inability to charge more for your services because of limited skills; and
  • Always copying designs and not being able to create unique outfits.

These challenges limit creativity and affect your confidence as a fashion designer. It also affects your ability to retain customers.

If this is your story, then the Martwayne Creative Pattern Making and Origami Online Course will prove to you that pattern making is not only easy; but the right course can transform your fashion design woes into a success story.

‘This pattern making course has boosted my confidence as a fashion designer. I have gained so much confidence in my work, and my unique designs now speak for themselves. My skills have attracted new customers, and I am now able to charge higher for my services.’ - Proud Martwayne Alumni


You don’t have to spend so much to learn patternmaking

'In my over 10 years in the industry, I have faced numerous challenges as a fashion student, designer, tutor and fashion business owner. I have observed that the right SKILL SET is what will differentiate you from your competition in a fast-growing industry. This is why I have designed this course to equip you with indispensable pattern making skills at the best possible cost; using a teaching technique that guarantees learning.’’ - Tope Williams-Adewumi, Founder and CEO, Martwayne

If you are looking for an affordable pattern cutting course that also accommodates your busy schedule, the Martwayne Creative Pattern Making Course offers you so much more:

  • Convenience: You can learn anywhere, at your convenience.
  • Flexibility: The course is self-paced which means that you can learn at your own speed.
  • Value for money: You get more for the price of one with Free bonus courses!
  • Access: You can access the course for up to 3 months after training.
  • Support: You get amazing instructor support throughout the course period.
  • Higher Income Opportunity: With the new skills gained from the course, you can offer your customers more value and create unique designs for which you can charge more.
  • Martwayne Exclusive E-platform Membership: The course provides you with exclusive access to join the Martwayne Alumni and other platforms where you can network with contemporaries, earn medals and cool points.
  • Certificate of Completion: You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.


Slots are limited!

Plus FREE Bonus Courses worth N30,000 / $85. 


-Martwayne Alumni

A lot of fashion business owners start out with a dream to train highly skilled students. However, in practise, they may face major challenges with:

  • Attracting new students;
  • Developing fresh ideas to teach new students;
  • Explaining concepts, designs and standardised pattern making techniques applicable anywhere in the world;
  • Transferring knowledge; and
  • Reinventing teaching techniques, offering more value and charging higher. 

With other fashion schools posing great competition to their businesses, fashion business owners must innovate or risk becoming obsolete in a fast-paced industry. If you are a fashion tutor or you run a fashion school, you must up-skill and never run out of fresh ideas to attract new students and establish yourself with key pattern making skills. This is what this online pattern making course does for you!

This fashion course will transform your pattern making skills

’Martwayne has been so good to me. The fashion courses have added lot of value to my career. I have made more money than I expected while still in training! I can’t wait till I’m done! The sky is just the limit for me!’’

- Olalekan Adebanjo, Fashion Student

The Creative Patternmaking Online Course offers comprehensive lessons in 5 patternmaking techniques. The lessons are designed to enhance your creativity as a fashion designer such that you can look at an outfit and mentally break it down into composite parts. The course will transform your approach to design and will enable you to become more technical and professional in your creative style.


In this course, you:

  • get 5 weeks of comprehensive pattern making training;
  • are introduced to a new pattern technique that can be applied in a minimum of 2 ways every week;
  • get the chance to practise these techniques; especially in the sewing modules of the course;
  • have access to training material for up to 3 months after the course ends

Who is the course for? 

Creative Patternmaking & Origami Flyer

This course is for you if you are:

  • A fashion designer with limited pattern making skills.
  • A fashion tutor looking to offer more to students and charge higher for services.
  • A fashion tutor who has run out of what to teach students.
  • A fashion designer unable to translate sketches to patterns.
  • A fashion designer looking to design unique outfits that fit perfectly, attract new customers and generate more income.

My only regret is not taking this course earlier!

‘’Before taking this course, I had spent over $2,000 on online fashion designing efforts without getting value for money. This course offered me so much more for less. I even had access to free bonus courses! My only regret is not taking the course earlier’ - Martwayne Alumni

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of key pattern making techniques and be able to apply them;
  • Be able to work with different types of fabric and create beautiful designs using folds and pleats;
  • Understand how to visualise parts of an outfit and translate your sketches into patterns;
  • Be able to creatively come up with beautiful outfits and consistently develop unique designs;
  • Be able to offer your clients and fashion students more value, improve your services, charge higher and generate the income you deserve.


Here’s what people are saying about us

House of Nlecha

Fashion Business Owner

‘’Thank you Martwayne. We couldn’t have been without you. Shout out to a great teacher! I am grateful for a great foundation with Martwayne where my dream became a reality’’

Olalekan Adebanjo

Martwayne Student

"Martwayne has been so good to me. The fashion courses have added lot of value to my career. I have made more money than I expected while still in training! I cant’t wait till I’m done! The sky is just the limit for me!’’

Oluyomi Olajide

Fashion Designer

‘I have gained more confidence since I joined the Martwayne family. People have noticed changes in my sewing because I got new customers. For that, I am grateful.’’

Creative pattern making and origami course modules


Module 1: Sprouting


Module 2: Bamboo Folds Technique


Module 3: Sculpturing


Module 4: Spiderweb and Spiral Folds


Module 5: Accordion

Join the Martwayne family to access your N30,000 / $85 bonus now! 

Join a rapidly growing community of Martwayne-trained professional fashion designers and trainers today!

Access 2 free bonus courses worth N30,000 / $85, with certificates!



Bonus 1
The Complete Guide
to Dart Manipulation
Bonus 2
Clothing Design
& Styling with Darts

About The Martwayne Elearning Platform

We know first-hand what it feels like to learn new concepts in order to improve skills and charge higher prices.  We also understand how challenging some students find online learning. That was exactly why we approached this Course from a different perspective - from a teacher / student perspective.  This allows for a classroom feel and gives the 'student' the opportunity to ask certain basic questions and make certain beginner mistakes to aid understanding.

Our Online Courses were also created to get our courses to students who do not live in our location but also want to benefit from our knowledge.  Why are we so confident you will get the best from our Online Course?  Simple!  We teach our concepts from scratch because we also learnt the concepts from scratch in a very jovial atmosphere.  Learning new concepts can be daunting but we had to make it fun for you! I learnt everything from scratch myself.  You've seen our testimonials so you know we are GREAT at what we do!  It's time for you to take that plunge too and start to earn some serious income from your fashion business!

Here's to Your Success...

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

Founder, Martwayne | Fashion School

Here’s what people are saying about our online courses


Fashion Designer

'Distance is no longer an issue'

Self improvement is a goal... Thanks @martwayne the clarity (audio and visual) is something else. Distance is no longer an issue so I'm definitely enrolling for more courses.  This is really an online course with class and touch! 


Fashion Designer

'Learnt things I never understood from my fashion books'

I just got my certificate! It was my own personal quiet time. Learnt things I never understood from my fashion books. Wow! I really look forward to learning from the next class no matter what it takes. So happy.


Fashion Tutor

'The online classes were super explanatory and learning was exciting'

Martwayne is such a darling. The online classes were super explanatory and learning was exciting. I wake up every morning to attend class as if it's my quiet time.

I am definitely coming back for more.


This Fashion Course provides maximum value at an affordable cost. You are sure to get full benefits on the course offerings, in addition to juicy bonuses for payments in full and in instalment!

29 DEC 2019

N 85,000|$ 240 

  • 2 Bonus Courses worth N30,000 / $85
  • Start to Bonus Courses by 30 December, 2019 and 2 Certificates on Completion of Bonus Courses
  • Drip-Fed Modules to prevent overwhelm 
  • Real Classroom Feel
  • Instructor & Peer Support Throughout the Course
  • Certificate on Successful Completion of Course
  • Exclusive Membership to the Martwayne Community
  • Register wherever you are in the world.


Meet The Founder

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

Founder, Martwayne | Fashion School

Hello there!

I am excited to have you as part of the comprehensive pattern making classes that make up this course.

As a South-African trained Fashion Designer with over 10 years of experience in the industry, I have personally experienced the industry challenges that you must be facing. I have lived through these challenges as a fashion student, designer, tutor and fashion business owner. In all, I observed that one thing that cannot be negotiated when it comes to boosting creativity and designing like a professional is SKILL.

However, Fashion Designers are often faced with limited financial resources, little time and limited availability of all-inclusive courses on their self-development journeys. These issues inspired me to develop this online creative pattern making course that combines flexibility, convenience, the right support and quality of content all for the best possible price.

I learnt from scratch myself and this experience has informed the step-by-step approach of the course to ensure that learning is assured.  I personally learnt a lot from this course; and I have no doubt that it will signal a game-changing moment for you as you take this critical step to becoming a top-notch designer.



‘’Thank you so much Martwayne! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your coaching. You are the best teacher one can ever have!......I am so proud to be a Martwayne student. This is the best fashion school one can ever be part of!’’  -Miss Feggie, Martwayne Alumnus

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Are there In-House Classes?

I am a beginner.  Can I register for this Course?

Can I register for this Course if I only learnt freehand?

Do I get a Certificate when I complete the Course?

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