And now for the first of my marathon blogging sessions.  Yes yes!  And naturally, I would talk about our Design, Fashion Illustration & Computer-Aided Design Course because it comes first. 😀 Oh how I LOVE this flyer! Very striking illustration right?!  Yes it is! 😀

So we just concluded another Stream of our Design, Fashion Illustration & CAD Course. It was pretty hectic and it was a lot of work – BUT we aced it!  It was a pretty packed class and somehow we managed to get a lot of people in a somewhat small space. Lol.  And mega thanks to our participants who came in from Ibadan & Abuja!  Wow!  It is always a humbling experience for us when people come in from far for any of our trainings. And even those in Lagos who come from far and near, please know that we do NOT take it for granted at all!  God bless you all LOADS!

Okies… so about our next Stream coming up on the 21st & 24th of October, 2017.  It is literally 3 courses in 1 and it is ALL ABOUT CREATIVITY!!!

Fashion Illustration Classwork in Progress @ Martwayne 

Most times in Nigeria we focus just on learning how to sew!  And don’t get me wrong it is important to learn how to sew around here due to the constant issues we face with our tailors.  BUT of course you need to have a design you want to sew first right?!  And that is where this Course in?!  

The norm around here is for our customers to bring pictures of what they want to make rather than leave it to we the experts to dress them up!  SO the designer finds him/herself just copying people’s designs and rather than creating their own designs for their customers to wear!  And from conversations I have had with those stuck in this cycle, it can be quite depressing!  

To me, if customers bring their designs to you, it suggests they probably don’t trust your taste or your judgement. Why?! Because you probably don’t have a portfolio to show them.  All you show them are clothes you have sewn as against clothes you have designed. There is a difference between the 2. If you show them a portfolio of your work, chances are they will choose from your designs because it might even be better than theirs.

NOW – we have another set of people who… love to create clothes but in their minds.  The live, eat, breathe and dream designs but that’s where it ends!  In their minds!  They cannot put them down! So the designs cannot take shape because the tailor cannot visualize it!  Besides, if you can draw them down, chances are you might even want to make corrections.  Every individual is a visual person – especially when it comes to creativity.  You cannot tell customers what it will look like without showing them a picture – same way you need a forensic artist to draw a picture so the police have something to work with.

Your tailors also cannot ‘picture’ a description without you actually giving them a picture!  So if the V-Neck you conceptualized is different from the V-Neck they made, I would say you are he one to blame.  So really it is not by explaining it to them but by showing them!  

So if you find yourself constantly frustrated both as a designer and even as a customer who outsources production, you need this course!  So say, for example, you are a banker who wants to start a clothing line without resigning her job, you still need visuals even if you are producing abroad. 

I can keep going on and on with examples but I’d rather tell you about the Course 😀

Digital Fashion Illustration Class @ Martwayne

About the Course:

The Course is in 3 parts:

Part 1: Concept Development & Portfolio Presentation
Part 2: Manual Fashion Illustration
Part 3: Digital Fashion Illustration

Part 1 teaches you how to develop your designs from scratch, how to create a collection from an idea and how to put together a portfolio.

Part 2 teaches you how to draw from scratch!  Yes I know… you are probably thinking I cannot draw to save my life right?!  Yeah… neither could I.  But it can be learnt.  As long as you can draw straight lines and circles, then you can draw!  Trust me!

Part 3 teaches you how to edit your manual illustrations with an app or a software! Meaning now is the time to whip out our smartphones and/or tablets and turn our manual illustrations from not-so-fab to oh-so-fab!

Just like this: 😀

Duration & Fees:

The full Course lasts 8 weeks and costs N80,000 only.  Not bad for 3 courses in 1 right?!

You will need a tablet or a smartphone preferably with a large screen running an Android or IOS platform.  Everyone probably has a smart phone so this should not be a problem.

There are also other options available. For example, if you already draw very well but need to learn the CAD bit, you can just register for that.  Here are the other options.

Option 2: Fashion Illustration and CAD only – N65,000

Option 3: Fashion Illustration Only OR Cad Only – N50,000

Option 4: Design & Fashion Illustration only OR Design & CAD Only – N60,000

Option 5: Design Only – N35,000

How to Register:

This is really easy!  Simply pay the fees by cash or online transfer into 

Martwayne Limited, 023 710 3843, GTBank 

and show up on Day 1.  We meet most people on Day 1 anyway but if you want to visit ahead of time to be sure we are genuine, do let us know.  All classes take place at our training center in Surulere – Lagos; Off Alhaji Masha Road.

Our contact details are: 

Tel: 0818 395 8856 |  0903  498 5877

WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075

Blackberry:  D8E9802C


Instagram: @martwayne

Great!  That’s it!  We look forward to meeting you on Day 1.  Trust us!  You will enjoy the Course!  
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