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How to Find Your Ideal Customers & Get Paying Customers to Find You


25 Feb 2023 | 8 pm WAT

Registration closes 23 Feb 2023

If you are tired of struggling to find customers or you are desperate for customers to find you then our next Group Mentoring Session is for you! 

Early Bird Discount (20%) & extra Birthday Discount (15%) end 18 Feb 2023


You missed out!

Here’s what people are saying about our Mentoring Sessions


'Fashion Business Mastery' is a Group Mentorship Program for emerging fashion designers and fashion houses struggling to make money. It is an exclusive opportunity for designers to learn from a seasoned fashion industry insider and cut down on years of frustration running in circles and not making any progress.

We get messages like these all the time:

Fashion Business Mastery is designed to help you become a successful fashion designer and build your fashion business.  You will learn the strategies that actually work and get the support and resources you need to succeed.

Sometimes all you need is someone to answer a burning question you have and tell you straight up what to do. Instead of spending hours of time you don't have studying a Course or conducting research. And that's where Fashion Business Mastery comes in!

It is an Online Group Mentorship Program structured in a Question & Answer format with questions that have been gathered from the registered participants. Each month, we will pick a challenge faced by designers, have a short presentation with tips and tricks and answer the questions we get from those who have registered for the Session. 

This is a proven method of ours that we have implemented time and time again! It truly works!

Get the support and resources you need to succeed

Fashion Business Mastery is for you if:

- you're not making enough money from your fashion business; 

- you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start; 

- you don't have access to the right resources and information to succeed;

- you don't have the right mentors to guide you;

- you don't have the time to study lots and lots of materials just to get the answer to a few questions; or 

- you desperately need help but cannot afford the price of a One-on-One Session with me.

You are not alone. Most emerging fashion designers feel stuck and frustrated because they don’t know how to make money from their fashion business. Without the right resources and support, you will keep running around in circles and never get anywhere. 

Fashion Business Mastery is NOT for you if:

- you want an easy way to get rich quick;
- despite all the challenges you have, you are not prepared to unlearn your old ways and learn new ones;

- you're not serious about getting your business to the next level;
- you don't want to put in the work to grow your business;
- you don't have the money or time...or both;

- you are very skeptical and believe nothing will ever work;

- you keep jumping from Course to Course but never implement any of the things learnt;

- you are only interested in freebies;

- you don't want to invest a mere token to get where you want to get to despite knowing this will work for you;

- you have no interest to help others or join a community where you can also get help.


  • Access to a presentation and get answers to your burning questions.
  • Get information on online tools you can use to make your life easier. You also get to see how to use some of these tools during the session.
  • Learn from answers to other people's questions that you may not have thought of.
  • We are all gurus in our own way. You also get to share your own experiences with others!
  • Network with others and become part of a community.
  • Access a Replay of the Session after the Live Session for 3 months.
  • You also get access to podcasts on the chosen topic for the month, where available
Save yourself years of frustration with proven strategies that work!

How Martwayne's teachings & strategies have helped others just like YOU!


How to Find Your Ideal Customers

& Get Paying Customers to Find You


Feb 25, 2023 | 8 pm, WAT


Feb 22, 2023 | 11.59 pm, WAT


4 Tasks

Before the Session

- Register for the 2-hour Session by clicking this link

- Check your email (spam / promotions) after payment confirmation for details of the Session.

- Fill the short questionnaire stating the exact problem you have

- Listen to the short podcasts before the session so you can start implementing some tips immediately! 


3 Tasks 

During the Session

- Arrive early because we will start on the dot.

- Come prepared to learn and also share, where time permits.

- Come with a notepad so you can document specific action steps you will take after the Session.


3 Tasks

After the Session

- Check your email for information on the Course Replay

- Implement what you have learnt during the Session.

-  Document which strategy you implemented and your wins. 


Tope Williams-Adewunmi  Founder, Martwayne 

Tope is a self-motivated South-African trained fashion designer, author and fashion professional with a career spanning over 10 years of experience as a garment manufacturer, a trainer, a fashion business expert, and a mentor. An ex-accountant with one of the Big Four global accounting firms, KPMG, she is very knowledgeable in the different areas of the fashion industry and the business of fashion. 

With her entrepreneurship, product development, leadership and management skills, she grew her company, Martwayne, from scratch with sheer passion, pure motivation and her desire to help fashion entrepreneurs navigate their way through the complex maze of starting up and growing their fashion businesses. 

I have worn many hats in my business including product development and clothing manufacturing for emerging designers, training and coaching, marketing, sales, operations, human resources and consulting.

Being a Creative and Consultant at heart allows me to help businesses like yours, achieve your dreams. I bring the knowledge that comes with experience, the drive that comes with passion, the skills that come with training, the heart that comes from being a business owner who understands your pain points and the desire to exceed your expectations.

Let me help you build a fashion business you can be proud of. 


Here’s what people have said about my Mentoring Sessions

What will it cost?

We could charge a whole lot more for a Fashion Business Mastery Session but we created this specially for fashion businesses who are struggling to make money. 

For this reason, we will not only charge a token but also offer you:

Early Bird Discount of 20% & an extra Birthday Discount of 15% making a whopping 35% discount!

N10,000 / $54.97

N6,500 / $35.73

But Hurry! These discounts will expire in


You missed out!

  • Access the Pre-Session Materials - 2 Podcasts
  • Join the Live Webinar and also Network with others
  • Access the Recording after the Session for 3 months
  • Automatic Registration for Online Payments
  • Pay in different currencies - Very safe and secure
  • Payment portal protected by Stripe, Paystack & Paypal
  • Registration Deadline: Wednesday, 22 Feb 2023

For direct bank transfer (Naira only), please pay into: 

Martwayne Limited,

023 710 3843, GTBank 

Direct payments attract an extra administrative fee of N1,000 to make N7,500 (discounted) / N11,000 (when discount expires)

After payment, contact us with payment evidence via:

EMail: or

Whatsapp: +234 814 340 2567

You will receive your registration details in 24 hours after payment confirmation.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Take Control of Your Fashion Business and Join the Fashion Business Mastery Session Now!


How does Fashion Business Mastery Work?

Fashion Business Mastery is a live interactive session led by a professional fashion business expert with real-life experience in their field. During the Session you’ll learn proven strategies for building a successful business from an expert who has been there and who will teach you about their journey, experiences and best practices for success in a mixture of a presentation (where applicable) and a Question & Answer format through questions submitted ahead of time by registered participants.

Is Fashion Business Mastery Suitable for Beginners?

Yes it sure is! It is designed for fashion business owners at all levels, from those just starting out to those who have been in business for several years and are ready to “take it up a notch” and grow their business.

Can I Join a Fashion Business Mastery Session if I am not in the Fashion Industry?

Yes you can! The principles of business cut across different industries, and if you need help with one of the topics covered in one of the Sessions, please register and apply the principles to your business.

I Registered for a Fashion Business Mastery Session but realised I will not be available on that day. What can I do?

Don't worry about it! If you miss the Session or your internet connection is bad, you will still have access to the replay after the Session.

What is the Refund Policy for Fashion Business Mastery?

Sadly there are no refunds. But we guarantee that you will enjoy it! We have had too many Sessions like these and the feedback has been amazing with participants sharing great results from implementing the knowledge that was shared.

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