Think it! Sketch it! Create It! Sell It!

With this Fashion Illustration Online Course you will learn how to create stunning fashion illustration sketches and create your own fashion illustration templates from scratch!

Become a Fashion Illustrator & Sell Your Creativity!

Why You Need this Fashion Illustration Course

This Online Fashion Course teaches fashion design illustration and how to create fashion sketches from scratch.

And now you can learn from home wherever you are with the Fashion Illustration Online Course in just a few minutes a day!  It’s the same great course but with the comfort of distance-learning.

– Do you imagine beautiful designs but cannot draw them and explain it clearly to your tailor or your customers?

– Do you sew very well but cannot sketch your designs?

– Do you long to see how the designs you have imagined look without wasting money on samples?

– Are you looking for an alternative source of income? 

– Or are you just plain tired of people bringing magazines to you to copy?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, NOW YOU CAN BRING YOUR DESIGNS TO LIFE!

You don’t need to be an artist to create beautiful sketches

Before I went to fashion school, I could not draw to save myself, much less communicate my ideas (if I even had any at all) on paper.  I could not even draw a straight line without a ruler.  I learnt everything from scratch!’

– Tope Williams-Adewunmi,

Founder, Martwayne

Can I Really Learn Fashion Illustration Online?

Yes you definitely can!  

This is an assignment from Eden, a student currently on our Online Fashion Illustration Course.

and this is the correction of work by our instructor for Rahimah, another student on the Online Fashion Illustration Course

Learn Wherever You Are

Access your Sewing Classes from any device - laptop, tablet or mobile phone

This Fashion Sketching Online Course will teach you how to create stunning fashion illustration sketches.  As a student of this course, you are guided through the step-by-step processes of creating beautiful sketches.  You will be able to create your own fashion illustration templates for use in your fashion business or for sale to fashion designers.  

Classes are delivered at intervals so you can learn in just a few minutes a day right from the comfort of your home.  You learn at your own time and at your pace to enable you practise and not get overwhelmed.  You cannot move on to the next lesson until you have completed the previous lesson.

Can I make a living as a Fashion Illustrator?

Haha! What more can I say?!  Your Course Instructors are renowned in their field and make their living solely from creating fashion sketches for fashion designers.  Besides, did you know that there is an increasing demand for fashion illustrators?   You can make a lot of money either as a fashion illustrator who sketches people’s ideas for them or make money selling your designs to fashion houses. 

These are other Martwayne students who have earned an income from fashion illustration.


Good afternoon. I got a fashion illustration job from... She said you gave her my number a while ago. It's my biggest job so far... she just paid the advance. Thank you so much. I won't disappoint you.


Martwayne Alumnus, @kqj00

Thank you again for the opportunity. Been thinking of how to touch lives with fashion. I hope this idea of mine will actually put a smile on people's faces when I eventually design / produce for them. #fashionforconfidence


Martwayne Alumnus, @labiyi_studio3d

Top 10 Finalist, Heineken Design Contest 2020

Meet Your Instructors

Founder martwayne tope williams-adewunmi

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

Founder, Martwayne

How to Develop a Fashion Portfolio


Okhai Akhigbe

Okhai Akhigbe

Leankid Illustrations

Manual Fashion Illustration


Tosin Damilola

D.O.T. Diary

Digital Fashion Illustration


How the Course Runs

The classes are on-demand classes pre-recorded classes with some Live elements. 

For the Class starting 3rd July 2021, we will be taking a Live Tour of some sites in new York for design inspiration and learning how to convert those ideas into wearable garments.  We will really be talking about the real design in Fashion Design.  What Ivie calls a Paradigm Shift!

The Course is taught from a new and different perspective to give it as close to a classroom feel as possible.   In each of the Modules, I am the Student while the Instructors are there to teach.

The Class is taught with very explanatory videos with the opportunity to submit assignments, ask questions and get feedback from your instructor throughout the duration of the Course.   The Course itself runs for 7 weeks but you get 6 months access to the Course so you can continue to practise and ask questions.

What You Will Learn

This Course is split into 3 major modules:

How to Develop a Fashion Collection

& Fashion Portfolio

Create Fashion Illustration Sketches & Technical Details

Edit Your Manual Illustrations with a Digital App

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • create your own fashion illustration sketches from scratch;
  • develop technical drawings and effectively communicate designs to your tailors and production team;
  • give your fashion sketches personality through body and spinal movements, facial features and hair;
  • create technical drawings and design details such as necklines, sleeves and collars, etc;
  • render (what we know as colouring) the fashion figure and clothes;
  • digitally enhance manual illustrations with a digital fashion illustration app;
  • develop a portfolio for use during fashion competitions, applications and client consultations.; and
  • develop your own fashion sketch templates for sale.

About the Founder & Instructor

Founder martwayne tope williams-adewunmi

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

Fashion Professional well experienced in various areas of the fashion industry, their relationship with the business community and the business of fashion. Training & eLearning expert with undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design, years of tax accounting and advisory experience with one of the Big-Four Accounting Firms, KPMG Professional Services and practical work experience in garment manufacturing. 

'I resigned a job I loved to start a career in Fashion Design.  I love the very concept of fashion design and the art of developing something from nothing. The brainstorming process is very powerful and I am always excited to train fashion designers in the creative sides of fashion. 

Once you get it, coming up with designs will be a breeze.

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

What Do I Need for the Course?

Manual Fashion Illustration:

  • Basic Sketch Pad
  • Pencils
  • Rulers
  • Sharpener
  • Erasers
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Copic Markers (nice to have but not necessary).

Digital Illustration:

  • A Tablet or Smart Phone
  • Capacitive Stylus Pen

What People Have Said About Our Online Courses 


Fashion Designer

You know I was a bit sceptical about online courses because of previous experience but what you have here is beyond good 👍🏽. Really, kudos to you. The sounds and videos are clear, it really is top-notch and I’m not just saying it. You are what you claimed to be. I’m impressed and inspired by you. THANK YOU ❤️


Martwayne Alumnus, @jumionis

This is not to make you feel good or smile… are very good! The classes are so clear….after teaching for years and having degrees in education I can clearly say you are a very good teacher. I know what I mean when I see a good teacher.

How Do I Register? 

3 Course Options to Choose from:

2 Payment Options to Choose From

- Full Payment or 2-Instalments

2 Payment Methods to Choose From:

- Online in currency of choice

or Direct Bank Payment Naira only (scroll down)

2 instalment payments

Balance Payment due

after 30 days

N40,000 / $120.26

per month for 2 months

  • Unlimited access to the videos for 12 months
  • Pay Twice in Your Currency of Choice
  • Secure Payment protected by Stripe, Paypal & Paystack
  • Non-payment of 2nd instalment results in immediate removal from Course after Month 1



N40,000 / $120.26

  • Only for those who can already sketch
  • Unlimited access to the videos for 6 months
  • Secure Payment protected by Stripe, Paypal & Paystack


For Manual Payments, 

Bank or USSD Transfer into:

GTBank, 023 710 3843, Martwayne Limited

then contact us at:;

Whatsapp: +234 814 340 2567

Enrolment will be within 24 hours after confirmation of payment

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