Transform Your Earning Potential with Precision Pricing in this Free Pricing Class

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What You’ll Learn in this Free Pricing Class

free pricing class

Specifically designed for creatives, artisans, crafters and designers who bring beauty into the world through their hands. Whether you're stitching designs into clothing, crafting bespoke jewelry, baking delightful cakes, or bringing concepts to life through handmade & handcrafted items, or even graphic design, this training is for you!

Unlock the Secrets to Profitable Pricing

Discover the fundamentals of setting prices that not only cover your costs but also ensure you make a profit on every project.

Easily Create a Custom Pricing Strategy

Effortlessly tailor your pricing strategy to fit your unique business model and goals, using our Built2Bill Price Calculator to streamline the process.

Boost Your Confidence in Pricing Conversations

Gain the confidence to discuss your prices assertively and effectively, ensuring you're compensated for your talent.

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Find out how to adjust your pricing without the fear of losing your clients, enhancing customer relationships while boosting your income.

Your webinar host

[Tope Williams-Adewunmi]

With years of experience in mentoring creatives through the intricate maze of the design industry, Tope has become a beacon of knowledge and inspiration for artists and designers alike. Driven by a passion to empower creatives, she has dedicated herself to demystifying the art of pricing. 

Through this free pricing class, she aims to share her wealth of knowledge, equipping you with the tools to conquer your fears of billing. 

Join us for an empowering session that promises not only to enlighten but to inspire a new wave of confident, financially savvy creators.

You will discover the secrets to charging your worth, retaining your customer base, and ultimately, transforming your passion into a thriving business, one you'll absolutely love!

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