Ok… didn’t even know there were different ribbons for different types of cancer. Guess we learn everyday…
Y’all are probably wondering why I am writing about health matters.  Well… so did I when I attended FATE Foundation’s Aspiring Entrepreneurs Programme (AEP) and they called in a doctor to facilitate a topic…. errr… can’t remember the name of the topic but it had to do with health and something.  And yes it makes so much sense!

Many business owners, including me (or is it including I???  Argh you guys know what I mean haha…), seem to think we are invincible.  We work ourselves to the bone and expect our bodies not to revolt at some point.  I remember when I used to sew.  I would be at the machine till 4am in the morning!  Sometimes friends would keep me company via telephone or Skype, other times, radio stations would do the trick.  But guess what?!  Those clothes…. and my business had to wait when I broke down twice.  I remember the first time I had to be put on bed rest for like a week and was heavily sedated.  In fact that was when I learnt that stress caused people to throw up.  And the 2nd time was when I decided things had to change.  I ensured I did a full body check up late last year and got a clean bill of health… with the advice to rest more!  And I’m trying to….

Truth is, we’re only human and everything pretty much ‘grinds’ to a standstill as a micro-business owner or even SME when you stop functioning, especially due to ill health!  Worse you spend all you hard earned money to buy drugs and pay medical bills when it could have been avoided in the first place.  I am also guilty of this so yeah… I know I need to practice what I’m preaching right now.  But at least I know it’s wrong and I’m taking steps to mend my ways.


NOW… for the past 2 years I have postponed going for certain vital screenings like the breast cancer and cervical cancer screening until I told myself, you know what?!  You have to do this.  And what excuse do I really have seeing the Medical Center was like a 5 minute walking distance away!  So I penned it down in my diary last week and ensured I got myself there today.  Good thing is I didn’t spend a dime!


So yeah… the free cancer screening clinic close to me is The Healing Stripes Cancer Screening & Diagnostic Center.  And they perform free breast cancer, cervical cancer and even prostate cancer screenings.  So if you love yourself, visit them at 14, Alhaji Masha Road, Surulere, Lagos.  10 minutes or even an hour is but a tiny price to pay in exchange for a lifetime of pain.  I think women are screened for free on Fridays and men on Thursdays.  Not sure… but you can always call 08081076646 to find out.  
And even if you don’t visit this one, find another clinic around you and get yourself screened.  It only dawns on you that this thing is real when you hear someone close to you died of breast cancer and someone else found a lump.  And no I’m not just saying this.  Someone very close to me did die like just over a year ago from breast cancer and last year another really close person found a lump that was, thankfully, benign but had to be taken out.  
So remember…. at this point, you probably are the life of your business so please… if your business means more to you than you yourself, then please do it, if only, for your business.
Great!  So I’ve said my piece for today!  You have a great night all!
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