Hello everyone!!!  Compliments of the Season!!! I am sure you all had an excellent Christmas!!!  The holiday spirit was clearly more evident this year than in 2012.  I definitely felt the Christmas Spirit in the air.  And for those who didn’t, the traffic leading up to the 25th should have been enough evidence that something was up.
BUT… Christmas is over and we all have something else to look forward to…
2014!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Yup!  It is clearly a privilege to be alive and well and to be here today.  It is with a deeply grateful heart to God that I am here posting this and you are here reading it! 😀  This year has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride for me.  There I was thinking 2012 was a highlight year… and in many ways it was – but 2013 was even better and for obvious reasons! 😀

To be honest, I’m not really sure why the end of every year is a big deal.  The end of everyday is THE big deal after all, the end of today literally marks the beginning of tomorrow and the New Year.  But nevertheless, it sure is something to look forward to.  
To everyone who reads this blog and who has impacted me in one way or the other, either directly or indirectly, thank you so much!  I may not know you in person but trust me, every time my stats counter changes or you drop a comment, I have this HUGE smile on my face… so thank you for that.
For those who may have had a plan for 2013 which may not have materialised, please do not dwell on it… it will happen soon enough! Just keep confessing it and it will happen.  Trust me!  Tried, tested and trusted.  Works every time! 
I’ll wrap up this post and this year with the message AA and I put on the back of our wedding reception programme…of course edited to suit the “Season”…
“As 2013 ends and as you start this New Year, our prayers are with you.  
May you be blessed as you have blessed others;
May you continue to smile as you have made others smile;
May others share in your joy as you have shared in others’;
May your lips be filled with testimonies of His ever-present goodness in Your lives; and
May the Lord continue to shower you with His love, goodness, guidance and blessing in 2014 and way beyond!.
Thank you so much and God bless you!”
I wish you all you wish yourself and a whole lot more in 2014 and beyond!  Do enjoy the rest of what’s left of 2013 and have a FABULOUS and successful 2014 in advance!
See you or should I say… chat to you next year! 😀
Warmest regards…
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