Happy Easter everyone!!!  Hope you are all having a restful holiday and reflecting on the reason for the Season… though somehow I doubt that from the tweets I’ve been reading…
So I was searching for nice Easter cards online and realised that most of the nice ones had either an Easter bunny or an Easter Egg on it which I thought would not properly capture my interpretation of the reason for Easter until I saw this one which I thought was perfect…

For me, Easter is not about the eggs or the bunnies (not even sure where the link came from – I really must research that) but about a renewal of our minds and spirit and about new beginnings.  Actually President Obama’s Easter message really captures it:

“For me, and for countless other Christians, Holy Week and Easter are times for reflection and renewal. We remember the grace of an awesome God, who loves us so deeply that He gave us his only Son, so that we might live through Him,” 
“We recall all that Jesus endured for us – the scorn of the crowds, the agony of the cross – all so that we might be forgiven our sins and granted everlasting life. And we recommit ourselves to following His example, to love and serve one another, particularly “the least of these” among us, just as He loves every one of us.” – from The Blaze, Oliver Darcy, April 19, 2014
Need I say anything more.  
Here’s wishing you all a very Happy Easter!!!  May the love, peace and the grace of the Resurrected Christ fill your lives and homes with special joy and hope for a new beginning and closer relationship with God. 
Enjoy the rest of the long weekend!
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