Hello good people!!!!!!  I can-NOT believe we are almost halfway through 2015!  An I also cannot believe it’s been ages since I last uploaded a post [insert-covering-my-face-emoticon-in-here 🙁 ]  Forgive!  Forgive!! FORGIVE!!!  All as a result of procrastination – and yes I must admit – laziness! 🙁
BUT!!!!  Here I am again!  Pleased to be here!!!  Grinning that my month started off on a great note!  Did someone ask why?!  Don’t worry I’ll tell you now! 

Well for starters, I had an AWESOME long weekend – after a pretty eventful week!  

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I had to attend what we like to call a “Celebration of Life”.  Yup!  Serious “owambe party tins”.  Haha.
How do I look?!  😀
Then on Thursday night, after class, I attended a James Bond-themed dinner party!  Had a FAH-BU-LOUS time!!! Danced for ages! 
So yes!  I was on top of the world… with good reason too.  
I have one month to deliver on my half-year goals… NO PRESSURE whatsoever 🙁  Though I don’t think I have done too badly – but I know I can and should do better!
SO anywayz… 
Here I am touching base!  Sorry for going AWOL on you!  I wish you all a FABULOUS MONTH ahead filled with lots of fulfilled promises, realised dreams, answered prayers and ticked milestones in Jesus’s Name!  Amen!  
Here’s hoping at the end of the month, you will look back at the past 6 months and be pleased with the giant strides you have taken in line with your 2015 resolutions.
Have a great month ahead!
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