The Complete Step-by-Step Blueprint on How to Start Your Own

Clothing Factory

How to start a clothing factory

This Book will teach you how to Start a Business:

  • Where you spend little or no money and make a whole lot more.   Your customers will literally fund the business if you follow the exact steps in the book.  
  • Where demand currently outweighs supply. You will do little or no marketing as your customers will come looking for you. 
  • Which will run on auto-pilot so you can take holidays without you stopping operations. I was away for 3 months and production still went on seamlessly.  It was so seamless, customers didn't even know I was not around. 

This book is for anyone who makes clothes for a living, either bespoke / made to measure, ready to wear, own a sewing business or own a clothing line or fashion brand. 

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Here is what people are saying about the Book!

Can it be done?  Oh yes it can!

'If I could do it, you can do it as well

You just have to know how to go about it!'

- Tope Williams-Adewunmi

This book outlines the step-by-step guide on how I started a clothing factory from scratch and ran a business that consistently found customers worldwide without having to spend on advertising. It is for anyone who makes clothes for a living or for those who want to start a clothing line and plan to produce the clothes.  

Who Needs This Book?

Anyone who wants to become a clothing manufacturer business, currently runs a garment factory or runs a fashion business or fashion brand. Many people I have chatted with complain about how:

- frustrated they are that they cannot take a break;
- business grinds to a halt when they are not around;
- how they don’t know how to price their work;
- how their tailors misbehave;
- how customers keep owing them;
- how customers keep disrespecting them;
- how they can’t find customers;
- how they cannot even think because everything depends on them;
- how they want to start a fashion business but don’t know how or don’t have the funds.

and the list is endless!

In this book, I outlined in detail how to create a structure and a process to avoid a lot of these issues.  This was what I did and it worked for me.  I also trust that it will work for you as it has worked for others who read the book.

In fact, if you choose the webinar option, you can ask as many questions as you possibly can in the Group or others will respond.

You don't need lots of money to start off. 

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, I got even more requests for orders.  When I delved into Facemask production, I scaled up by 100% and got these brand new machines on part-credit and the book explains how I did it.

I wonder as well.  It is such a lucrative market, every designer who owns a runs a production line or is thinking of a sure way to make money from the fashion industry should be doing it.

With the system I crafted in this book, you don't need lots of money to start off.   It is the exact same system I built from scratch with processes and procedures of exactly what I did and how I did it. Let me show you what we produced from our factory.

Produced for Naomi Bloom
Produced for Naomi Bloom
Garment factory in lagos
Garment factory in lagos
Garment factory in lagos
Garment factory in lagos
Garment factory in lagos

We didn't run a large operation but we were very effective and our work excellent!

Which earned us raving reviews and repeat customers. 

When they made money, we were extremely happy as well!

Plus that meant we made more money as well from reorders.  

And got our money upfront for our services.

And this book shows you

exactly how we did it!

Table of Contents:

Who Needs This Book


How It All Started

Section 1: Your Mandate as a Clothing Factory

Section 2: What You Need to Start Off

Section 3: The Structure

Section 4: Our Policy

Section 5: How Much Should I Charge?

Section 6: The Production Process

Section 7: Feedback & Follow Up

Section 8: Conclusion

More Reviews About the Book

And we have so much more...

About the Author

South-African trained Fashion Industry Expert with undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design, years of tax accounting and advisory experience with one of the Big Four Global Accounting Firms, KPMG, and practical work experience in garment manufacturing. 

Am I qualified to talk about How to Start a Clothing Factory? I sure am!  I have trained thousands of fashion designers who have gone on to set up successful fashion businesses at Martwayne.  

Having run a Clothing Factory myself and producing clothes for lots of fashion designers, I am certain this ebook will work wonders for you. I literally poured out everything and even gave tips on how to answer challenging questions from your potential customers.

AND I get lots of enquiries from people wishing to start or grow their businesses and offered one-on-one consulting services to designers who have reached a road block and needed a way to make things work.

What You'll Get...

A step by step manual of specific steps, tips, questions, answers and policies you can literally adapt for your use.  It's a complete plug-and-play system that works because we developed and used it!

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Simple, easy to understand, over 70 pages of tips, tricks, policies and steps to help start off with no money.

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10 documents you can adopt in your fashion business such as Client Forms, Terms & Conditions, etc. Edit them or just insert your logo!

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