Yes yes!  Here’s introducing yet another brand spanking new Course at Martwayne. Our Short Course in Childrenswear!  And why childrenswear?!  Well…. we have had requests from people who are only interested in starting a clothing line for young children.  Of course we know there is a HUGE market out there for childrenswear.  Why?!  Because new babies are born, young children grow bigger with age (unlike me and a lot of ladies out there who can still fit into clothes they had 15 years ago! lol) and of course with an increase in age comes a new wardrobe.  So we thought to ourselves, why force students to go through our ladieswear Course when they can simply focus on the area they are most interested in!  And voila!  Our Childrenswear Course was born! 😀

So how does the Course run you ask?!  It’s pretty simple…

Well first, you must be able to sew to attend this Course.  If you cannot sew, you must complete the Beginners Course first before you can start this one.  Once you are done with the Beginners Course (this lasts for 4 weeks, 3 days a week), you can move on to the Childrenswear Course instead of the Bodices and Dressmaking Course.

SO!  The flyer states it all but I will still give a breakdown of how the Course will run.


The Course is in 2 parts. As always, we prefer to split the Course so people can plan their time and their finances, especially those coming from outside Lagos.  It will run for 3 days a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.  If you are coming from outside Lagos, we will run 3 consecutive days for you i.e. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays so you can leave on Thursday to head back home.

Each part will last for 8 weeks BUT as always, if you are a fast learner, you can be done in less time.  You do have a daily calendar and once you grasp the concepts, you can be done with what you have to do for even 2 days in 1 day.  All depends on how fast you learn.  BUT the maximum time you can complete each part is 8 weeks.

We also have a Saturday only option for full time workers with a busy schedule during the week.  Of course you will be with us for much longer because you come to class once a week but as always, you can also be done in less time.

OH… just in case you were wondering… all our sewing courses include pattern making! 😀


We modelled the fees exactly as our Bodices and Dressmaking Course.

If you can already sew:

Part 1 is a total of N85,000 (Fees are N65,000; Your Toolkit is N10,000 and there is an extra N10,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course).

Part 2 is N70,000.

Complete Beginners:

The Beginners Course (as always) is a total of N80,000 (Fees are N60,000, Your Toolkit is N10,000 and there is an extra N10,000 refundable caution fee which covers damages and unnecessary extensions to the Course).

Part 1 of the Childrenswear Course will also be N60,000 while Part 2 will be N70,000.

How to Register:

Registration as always is easy!  Payment of the fees by cash or online transfer into the following account secures your seat on the Course:

“Martwayne Limited”, 023 710 3843, GTBank

Please note that you need to register early before the start date so we can buy your tools and materials.

All classes will take place at The Martwayne Training Center, Surulere, Lagos.

For more details, please contact us on:

Tel: 0818 395 8856 / 0903 498 5877
WhatsApp: 0809 787 6075
Blackberry: D8E9802C
Instagram: @martwayne

Yes yes!  We have an active Instagram account and people do reach out to us on Instagram as well.  Plus we have some interesting conversations on Instagram so do follow us!

Great!  We look forward to you joining us and helming you on your journey to start your ready to wear line!  Do tell everyone to tell everyone!

Muchos gracias!
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