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Can I Really Learn to Sew Online?

Yes you can!  We will teach you how to sew from scratch! All online! We have done it too many times, with lots of experience training thousands of people and we are still doing it! You are in GREAT hands!

From how to use a sewing machine, to sewing straight lines, to drafting a skirt pattern to learning how to sew a skirt, how to sew a zipper, etc.

And the Course is perfect for you as well if you can already sew but want to improve your skills or you learnt freehand and now want to learn about drafting patterns! 

Learn Wherever You Are

Access your Sewing Classes from any device - laptop, tablet or mobile phone

The Online Sewing Classes are perfect for beginners and advanced sewers who are interested in learning to sew and pattern drafting and you learn without stress!  Classes are delivered 3 days a week in just a few minutes a day right from the comfort of your home.  You learn at your own time and at your pace to enable you practise and not get overwhelmed.  

dart manipulation

With well over over 250 explanatory learning videos and sewing projects for beginners, you will feel like you are just in class. The Classes are, however, predominantly made up of pattern making courses which makes it perfect for experienced dress makers who want to learn how to cut. 

How Does the Course Run?

The Online Sewing Classes run on our Online E-learning Platform.  Classes are delivered 3 days a week in just a few minutes a day right from the comfort of your home.  You learn at your own time and at your pace to enable you practise.

The Learning Management System is well structured and classes are split into Lessons and Topics. 

Topics are in bite-sizes and split into short videos to aid understanding and prevent you from getting overwhelmed.  Classes are delivered on specific days calculated from when you begin the online classes and the learning management system ensures classes are completed before moving to the next topic. 

Your progress is monitored, you submit assignments: 

get feedback from your instructor,

and have the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the Online Sewing Classes.

Course Content

The Online Sewing Classes are split into the Skirt Module, the Bodices/Dressmaking Module & the Trousers Module. Each module is a pre-requisite to the next and lessons taught in the previous module will not be taught in the next module.  Lessons in each module can be combined to create sewing projects for beginners and advanced students. For example: 

- a topic in the Skirt Module can be combined with a topic in the Bodice/Dressmaking Module to create a Dress.  

- a topic in the Bodice/Dressmaking Module can be combined with a topic in the Trouser Module to create a jumpsuit.

Lessons include:

- Sewing Tools;

- Sewing Techniques - including sewing terms, bias binding, french seam, waistband, facing sewing, how to use overlocker, darts in sewing, sewing zippers, etc.

- Introduction to Pattern making.

- Taking Body Measurements.

- The Skirt Block and different skirt styles (pattern drafting)

- Bodice Block, including the bodice pattern, dress pattern, sleeve block, facing pattern, strapless pattern, etc

- Dart Manipulation Techniques;

- Styling with Darts;

- Necklines;

- Strapless Dress and Lining;

- Close-fitting trouser block, pattern, cutting and stitching;

- Other different sewing patterns;

- Assignments and Projects (depending on the option chosen)

Sewing is GREAT for your physical and mental well-being!

From reducing stress, to being a natural anti-depressant, to protecting the brain against ageing and even lowering blood pressure, the health benefits of Sewing is actually medically proven.

Are You Also Ready to

Improve Your Physical and Mental Well Being?

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About the Founder & Instructor

Founder martwayne tope williams-adewunmi

South-African trained and well versed in various areas of the fashion industry, their relationship with the business community and the business of fashion. Training & eLearning expert with undergraduate degrees in Economics and Fashion Design, years of tax accounting and advisory experience with one of the Big-Four Accounting Firms, KPMG Professional Services and practical work experience in garment manufacturing. 

'I resigned a job I loved to start a career in Fashion Design.  I had always known it was therapeutic but only recently did I realize just how powerful Sewing was in terms of mental health and well being.   I  promoted Fashion Design and Sewing as a business venture but now I know it is so much more...

Tope Williams-Adewunmi

What Do I Need for the Course?


  • Sewing Machine (any basic domestic electric sewing machine works with at least 5 stitches.  12 stitches will be even better). Any brand works.
  • Tailor's Chalk
  • Basic Needlework Kit which must include hand needles
  • Roll of Thread / Threads
  • Box of Dressmaker Pins
  • Calico or any cotton fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Zips (including Invisible Zips)
  • Seam Ripper
  • Steam Iron
  • Ironing Table or any clean surface
  • Large Cutting Table or any large surface (a clean floor works if you have space constraints)

  • Patternmaking:

    • Pattern Paper
    • Pencils
    • Set of French Curves
    • Vary Form Curve Ruler
    • Pack of Set Squares (which includes a basic ruler)
    • Sharpener for your pencils
    • Eraser
    • Scotch Tape, Masking Tape or Glue Stick
    • Box of Pins
    • Tracing Wheel
    • Paper Scissors
    • Measuring Tape
    • Cardboard
    • Straw Board (or any soft surface)

    How Do I Register? 

    2 Payment Options to choose from:

    - One-Time Payment & 

    - Instalment Payment

    2 instalment payments

    Balance Payment due

    after 30 days

    N85,000 / $154.54 

    per month for 2 months

    • Unlimited access to the videos for one year
    • Pay Twice in Your Currency of Choice: Naira, US Dollars, British Pounds, South African Rands, Ghanaian Cedis, Kenyan Shillings, etc.
    • Secure Payment protected by Stripe, Paypal & Paystack
    • Non-payment of 2nd instalment results in immediate removal from the Course after Month 1


    For Manual Payments,

    Bank or USSD Transfer into:

    GTBank, 023 710 3843, Martwayne Limited

    then contact us at:



    Whatsapp: +234 814 340 2567

    Enrolment will be within 24 hours after confirmation of payment

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