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Struggling to Price your Creative Products and Maximize Profits? 

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Pricing Made Easy tackles the challenges faced by Etsy sellers, fashion designers, artisans, crafters, and creative entrepreneurs when determining the right pricing for handmade and handcrafted items.

Learn a simplified step-by-step approach to calculate your costs and set profitable margins. It includes useful formulas and practical examples to establish pricing that covers materials, labor, overhead expenses, and desired profit goals for any creative entrepreneur struggling with pricing.

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This easy guide helps you gain clarity on factoring in miscellaneous costs beyond physical costs when pricing handcrafted goods, whether you make clothes, jewelry, pottery, quilts, candles, cakes, or any other handmade or creative product. 

In this concise PDF, no-fuss pricing expert Temi Williams breaks pricing down into an easy 4-step formula you can apply to simplify pricing decisions, reduce stress, and boost your profits.

You’ll discover:

  • The quick formula for pricing goods at a glance
  • How to calculate your true costs
  • Simple markup percentages that work
  • The 3 mistakes that keeps your business struggling and losing cash
  • The easy solution

Stop undervaluing your beautiful handmade creations.

Say goodbye to guesswork and decision fatigue around pricing.

Learn how to price your work confidently, stand out from the competition, and ultimately earn what your time and skills are worth.

Get Pricing Made Easy now and start maximizing your profits!

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How Pricing Made Easy has helped others!

This free PDF has made a real difference to other entrepreneurs just like you. Here's what some have said about it. 

The PDF on pricing hit the nail on the head. I love the way you used pictures to illustrate and simplify your points. You made it fun all the way. You simplified the costs so much that a novice would totally understand. Thank you so much.

- Ebele, Fashion Designer

Temi makes you aware of the critical cost components for pricing successfully and for building a successful business.  Her writing style makes the book easy to read and very importantly, remember.

- Chinedum, Entrepreneur

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