The Unique Pricing Template that helps creative entrepreneurs, just like you, fearlessly price their creative work for profit and skyrocket their income without the fear of losing customers. 

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If you're worried about charging the true value of your handmade or handcrafted item because you are scared to lose customers,  

Built2Bill will boost your confidence and crush that fear so you can finally run a business that makes you money! 

  • Skyrocket your income and smile to the bank without constantly worrying about how to pay your bills and salaries, losing customers or shutting down your business due to frustration.
  • Convert your time, effort and skills into money you should bill for without any stress on your part. The calculations are done for you automatically so you don't have to bother with any complex calculations.
  • Turn your customers into loyal fans by offering prices that still show that you value their patronage and still make profits. Now you can offer the perfect price that shows the true value of your work's worth and never leave money on the table again!

This Pricing Template can be used by any creative entrepreneur who makes handmade or handcrafted items such as fashion designers, jewelry designers, and can also be used by creatives who offer services such as graphic or website designers to find the unit price of their work. As long as you sell a product or a service, Built2Bill is for you!

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Here is what people are saying about Built2Bill!

Let me ask you a question! Wouldn’t you love to do less work for more pay? Which is much better? Having 100 customers who pay 1,000 or 10 customers who pay 10,000? 

People believe having many customers is the sign of a thriving business. If you have so many customers but are not making money much less profit, then what is the point?

Plus did you know that it takes the same effort on your part to get each customer? You still have to market and cajole each customer, spend the same time to deliver the product or service and then hope each customer comes back.

You spend all the time stressing yourself doing so much work, spending so much money, constantly running around in circles trying to pay your bills and at the end of the month, you wonder where all that money you made went. You can't even market your product or get an asisstant becasue you are just not making enough.

You are sad, depressed and at the point of giving up all your dreams and worse - people laughing at you saying I told you so.  When all you had to do make just one slight change in your business!

Why put yourself through all that when you can simply eliminate it by using our unique system that provides a clear "done-for-you" path to increasing your profits and income without spending hours trying to figure it all out yourself - or worse, losing money on courses, coaching and learning systems that just don't align with your business needs?

It's finally time to enjoy your life and your business with less health issues that come up from stress, lack of money, frustration, working yourself to the bone, uncertainty about the present and no hope for the future.

Yes I know…. ‘People won’t pay if I charge this price’. I hear that all the time. But you know what I think? I think that is your fear and lack of confidence talking. How do you know they won’t pay if you haven’t tried it?

Have you ever been to the market and the seller tells you ‘I can’t sell it, it is not up to cost price’? If you really think about it, the reason you never make money is because you sell your work below your cost price!

Does this sound familiar?

Think about it. If it costs you 500 to buy materials to create your awesome work and you charge your customer 700, you will think you have made a profit right?

So what happens when it is time to pay your rent, pay salaries, pay for transport, pay your phone bill, pay for internet and other subscriptions to keep your business functioning, who will pay for it? Do you see that you are actually charging below your cost price? 

Don't worry, I used to say that as well. Until I realized I was the one crying at night when everyone else was profiting off all my hard work. I used to pay everyone else but myself!

Now guess what?! Every time I increase my prices, people still pay for it! Why? Because I priced well enough to finally be able to pay for marketing and advertising which put my products in front of more people! And I was finally able to get an assistant to relive me of some of my work. Which meant more time for me to foucs on what I love doing the most!

We live in a world where prices are going up all the time! In the past 1 year, prices have nearly doubled! Why would you continue to run a business if your prices cannot even cover your costs? How will you pay for marketing, pay that influencer to get your goods in front of more people? How will you pay for Etsy and Amazon sponsored ads? How will you pay your phone bills, subscriptions and rent? 

That is where Built2Bill comes in! It factors in every single cost for you and comes up with your ideal prices automatically!

You don't even have to be an accountant or know how to do any calculations. Just know how much you spend. It does every other thing for you automatically!

Yes that's right! It is the best unit price calculator and it does all of this effortlessly! So if you need to know how much to sell a particular dress or earrings or how much to design a logo or a website, you know how to find the unit price so you can fearlessly charge for it.

Just like the market folks, once I know how much I am spending to create this product for you, then I cannot charge below that price. It is just that simple!

And guess what? The reason the people can confidently charge you is because they know how much they are spending and the value of what they are giving you! So they are not scared to refuse an order because they understand their worth and how much it will cost them in raw cash - even if all they are expending is their time! And you should as well! Time is money and I found out the hard way!

product pricing calculator

Wouldn't you love to smile about your business like this?  This is what Built2Bill does for you!

Built2Bill crushes that fear of pricing by giving you the confidence to charge what your work is truly worth. When people know the value you are giving, they will pay! The same way you pay someone who sells you something that you know is worth it.

- No more crying yourself to sleep at night.

- No more running around in circles wondering where your next meal will come from.

- No more promising your vendors you will pay and at the end of the month your heart is beating.

- No more wondering where the money for your next rent is coming from.

- No more wondering where all the money for all your hard has vanished to.

With Built2Bill Pricing Calculator, all the guesswork and future uncertainty will come to an end! Now you can finally look forward to the future you know you deserve and even have enough for facebook and Google ads that will help you make even more money! 

You can plan, save, invest for the future, pay yourself a salary, pay school fees or just go out and enjoy yourself knowing your business is making the money it needs not only to survive but to make 10x your investment.

So what are you waiting for?

It's time to finally pay yourself for all your hard work!

Click on the button below and take your first step to your personal and business financial freedom! 

By choosing Built2Bill you'll get the following benefits:

Crush your fear and boost your confidence

Now you can increase your prices fearlessly while also keeping your customers. Customers expect to pay more for great products, and often don’t mind paying the price.

Charge effortlessly for your time

Love yourself and stop running your business like a charity, working yourself to the ground without paid for it. Time is the only thing you can never buy back so please sell it.

Make more money and skyrocket your income

Fearless pricing is a mindset you can use to confidently price your products, increase sales, and earn more money. And with Built2Bill, you will do just that.

What Our Product Does for You:

Set a baseline for pricing so that you make money from every product

Determine the total cost of making each product including your time.  You will know instantly how much money it will take to create this product so that when you think about taking action - be it making a website or producing a dress - you can figure out if the effort is worth it.

Become a Pricing Expert

without being a pricing expert

Nobody enjoys the guesswork that goes into pricing your products. That’s why we built a tool that does all the work for you so you can focus on growing your business. Built2Bill is a unit price calculator and a cost per unit calculator so you know exactly how much you should charge for each product.

Have more control over your business from the start

We want to help you plan ahead, so we show you how many of these units you need to sell each month before you begin to make a profit. This minimum number of units to sell is called “Minimum Monthly Target.”

This helps you with planning your time, your work and your resources so you can have success. It also helps you plan the amount of money you’ll need to pay yourself.

Make more sales! 

Monthly sales are the key to business success. The higher your sales, the happier you'll be!

Increase your revenue by knowing your monthly target and comparing it to actual results. No more blind hustle! With this information, you can identify areas for improvement and set new goals for the next month. 

Increase your prices, make profits

and still keep your customers happy!

Why work so hard with nothing to show for it at the end of the month just because you are scared of your customers leaving. With Built2Bill, you can profit from your customers, without worrying about losing them. Offer discounts without running at a loss and keep your loyal customers. 

About the Founder

Temi Williams | Founder, Martwayne

Hi! I'm Temi, a former accountant with one of the Big Four Global Accounting Firms, who switched careers to do what I loved - Fashion! I've been a creative entrepreneur in the fashion industry for over over a decade. 

After years of training and coaching thousands of creative entrepreneurs, I realized that their problems stemmed mostly from fear and a lack of confidence which resulted in improper pricing.

I know what it's like to work hard at something you love and have it not work out—to lose money, to feel like you're failing, to wonder if it's all worth it. I've been there! And now I want to help you stop struggling so much with your business and start loving it again.

If you're tired of being either broke or overwhelmed, but committed to your business, then you're in the right place. I can help you unblock the paths that are keeping you from growing your business and living a life filled with purpose.

"Pricing was a big issue for most small business owners I coached because they were scared to lose customers. So they constantly ran at a loss. On closer look though, I realized that the deep rooted problem was fear borne from a lack of self confidence.

If you've ever doubted that your work has true value, I'm here to tell you that it does and you deserve to be paid what you're worth.

And that's why I built Built2Bill. To make it easy for you to charge for your time, to conquer your fear of increasing your prices in the midst of rising inflation and finally turn your passion into a  profitable business."

- Temi Williams (Founder, Martwayne; Creator Built2Bill Pricing Template)

What You'll Get...

No matter what your business is, this Pricing Template will transform it.

This whole package will take your business to new heights and bring in the profits that you deserve.

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