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Have you watched episode 13 of Business Webinar by Martwayne? If you haven’t, then CLICK HERE. Today’s article is a continuation of the “HOW TO INCREASE SALES ONLINE”. Here I shared 10 strategies to boost online sales, especially as a small business owner.

But before we fully dive in, What is online marketing?

“It is simply the practice of leveraging web-based /digital channels to promote a brand’s products to its ideal target audience”

Such channels may include; social media platforms, emails, an optimized website, digital advertisement (Facebook ads, Twitter ads, google ads, e.t.c). Online marketing in the Fashion business, if done appropriately, can help brands position their products in front of their ideal target audience, at the right time and in the best way.


Therefore, working with a marketing strategy will ensure the effectiveness of the online marketing tools adopted by a brand.

So, let’s get to it.



Here are 10 online strategies  you can adopt in your

Fashion Business.


Build a Bio persona to boost online sales

Without a clear picture of who your target market is, there is no way to accurately answer the WHO, WHAT, and HOW i.e Who needs your product, what problems do they have? And how you will solve it. Thus, you need to go beyond describing your target market as a working-class mum that loves to look classy. No that is not enough. You need to consider demographics, behavior, objectives, and goals.

This will help you write the appropriate sales copy that will make them convert to customers.



Creating a style guide in your social media platforms, blog posts and even emails is a good way to engage your audience. This will enable them to understand how to combine your clothes and also consider buying an extra depending on how creative your style guide is.

Tik-Tok videos, for instance, go viral easily on Instagram provided it is creative and engaging. A short fashion film is also another way to communicate with a fashion guide. 



If you haven’t been thinking about ranking on Google, then now is the best time to start doing that.  Check out this article on SEO ranking factors by Optinmaster . One of the best ways your target audience will know you exist is via google search. Hence the reason to ensure your website is fully optimized.


Build a Bio persona to boost online sales
You need to spend some quality time doing your keyword research, understanding what your customers are searching the web for and how you can appear during their search. You should consider incorporating your keywords in your about page, blog posts, landing pages, sales copy, ads, product description page, etc.

This will ensure consistency in the message your brand is communicating.



An average customer does not intend to stay beyond 15 seconds on an ad without a clear, concise, and complete message. So you want to ensure in your ads, you communicate your brand value proposition as clearly as possible.

Don’t just rub the features your products have on their faces, what will it do for them? How will it solve their problem? Adding a video with a clear brand message is another way to engage with your audience. A good understanding of your buyer’s journey will also guide you on what contents to create and how to pass your message across effectively.

retargeting helps to increase online sales



Another interesting strategy that can help increase your conversion rate is retargeting. It helps you reach the users that have interacted with your website but that does not take action right away. 

When a user interacts with your site and then leaves without converting, with the help of a code (pixels), your ads can be shown to the user when next he/she comes online. Make efforts to engage with your customers (IG highlights, Q & A session, poll, give away)

It is not enough to acquire customers, you also have to find a way to retain them. Thus, you need to keep them engaged and also looking forward to your content. Engaging in Q& A sections, polls, give -away, etc are suggestions on how to engage with your audience 

Moreso, your mail list comes in handy here, because you can send personalized emails, update them on a sales offer, a snippet of what is coming next, etc.

Okay before I share the next 5 strategies, which of the strategies  discussed above would you start with?

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3 Things you need to know before starting the Business Of Fashion

3 Things you need to know before starting the Business Of Fashion

An overwhelming number of startup fashion businesses fail after they get started simply because they failed to figure out some basic things required to run the business successfully.⠀

In the last few years, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria have become the hubs of startup establishment. According to the Venture Capital Report of 2019 by WeeTracker, Nigeria has the maximum score of Venture Capital followed by Kenya and South Africa.

However, in terms of trends, Nigeria has experienced more startup business shutdowns at 61.05%, Kenya at 58.73%, and South Africa at 54.39%.

According to the data from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 30% in the second year, 50% in the fifth year while 70% fail within the first ten years. These statistics show that there is an increase in the failure rate hence it is a global concern.

Your business does not have to be on the list of the failed business.

Here are 3 things you need to know before you start the Business of Fashion;


⠀1. Know Your Niche Well

Firstly, you need to determine the niche you want to focus on in the Business of Fashion and avoid pivoting frequently. This will help you establish your brand and be known as an authority in that area. For instance, if you’re launching a plus-sized women’s wear brand or Corporate Clothing Retail, focus on selling those items only.


2. Identify Your Target Audience

Many fashion brand startups fail because they do not know their target market.  This article on How to define your target market explains what you need to do before starting.⠀

A successful fashion business requires an understanding of one's target market.

Avoid making this mistake. Research your target customers’ social, financial, educational, and other backgrounds. This will help you deliver the choice and needs of your customers. For example, if you identify pregnant women as your target consumers, then you should create fashion items as per their choice of colors, trends, comfort, etc.


 3. Know What It’ll Cost

Lack of funding is surely one of the reasons many businesses fail without realizing their full potential. In order to avoid such a situation when starting out, have a realistic budget of how much money you need to set up and run your business. After you have your budget ready, work on getting a significant portion of it ready.⠀This article on important costs to plan for will surely help you.

Starting a Fashion business

Starting any kind of business requires tenacity, endurance, and dedication. Setting up the business of fashion is all the more challenging because this is a hyper-competitive industry and a very complex one as well even at the smallest of scales that’s why you need to be prepared from day one.⠀

What are your thoughts?…. Let’s discuss …⠀


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The most popular brands we know today did not suddenly rise to fame. I dare say they didn’t even become the most popular brands because they had the best quality product. A brand’s reputation is built through carefully thought-out, intentional steps and actions that can take years to build, but only a few hours to lose if damaged! Brands know this, which is why they are forever careful with their branding and who handles it.

Branding requires a mix of analytical skills, an inquisitive nature, and a keen grasp of what makes people tick. Do you have all these? Then you are already on your way to becoming a great fashion brand strategist. Your work will usually be in collaboration with the brand managers and the marketing team to make sure a consistent and effective brand message passes with every communication the brand makes with customers.



As a result, you will need to be at the top of your game, being proactive and anticipating future trends and the success of a product or service your brand is offering. You will provide positioning recommendations, guide market research analysis, and define brand elements and tone.

You will also need to gain industry experience specific to the brand you are working with, familiarize yourself with digital marketing, and hone your copywriting skills.

Unlike other career paths, there’s no specific training involved in becoming a strategist. But, a degree in business or marketing will be a good advantage.

What is the brand about; Why does the brand do what it does? To what end? All of these are questions you will help your clients get answers to. As a fashion brand strategist, you can either apply for jobs or work as an independent brand consultant for businesses to gain more experience.

In branding, you get to explore ideas and channel your creative juices! Does that sound exciting to you? Do you have what it takes? Let’ us know in the comments.

3 ways to start a fashion brand with little or no money

3 ways to start a fashion brand with little or no money

Do you want to start a fashion brand but have little or no money for it? You are not alone! I have met and spoken to alot of people who want to start fashion brands but are being held back by limited funds, and I totally understand. Many people do not realize this, but alot of successful fashion brands did not start with alot of money.

There are methods you can use to fund your fashion brand without taking out loans or getting investors. If you are interested in learning how to start your fashion brand with little to no money, read on;

1. Start with Samples

You can startup faster if you launch with just samples of your product and produce for clients when they place orders. With this method, you don’t have to wait longer for mass production because you’ll have samples available for sale in less than a month.

Another pro is that you also won’t be spending alot because you do not need to stock a lot of products. Many fashion business owners have used this method successfully, and you can do it as well with limited funds. (If you will like to start, your own clothing factory, I have a Step-by-Step Blueprint that can guide you.)

2. Use your Day Job 

Having a job is very important when starting a business, especially if you have no other means to fund it. You need to be able to support yourself and the business financially until you’re up, running, and making enough to pay yourself a salary.

If you already have a job, you should keep it and start saving monthly. If you do not have a job, you should consider working at a fashion startup. Not only will you earn money but also gain experience.

3. Start a different business 

I know this might seem counter-intuitive but hear me out first. You can identify low-cost opportunities around you and come up with creative ways to earn money from them. For example, if you have a 9-5, you can source beautiful thrift bags and sell them to your colleagues to earn quick cash.

It doesn’t have to be long-term or have anything to do with fashion, feel free to monetize any other skill you have such as cooking, baking, or writing. Who says you can’t have more than one successful business?

Starting and growing a fashion brand with little or no money, is not impracticable for you to do. I hope these ideas give you the encouragement you need to get started. 

Do you have more ideas, please share them in the comments, so others can learn from them. 


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