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I remember the first time I ‘officially’ got paid in dollars. It was a sale of the Origami Patternmaking Online Course from a lady in South America. I honestly cannot explain what the feeling was like.

Here I was, in Lagos, doing my thing appealing to a global audience that I was not actively marketing to.

And that is how I have always operated. I have always applied global methods customized to the Nigerian environment.

And who better to talk about this than Mai Atafo @maiatafo of @atafo.official !

Mai needs no introduction! He is pretty much a household name in the Fashion Industry. The designer to the celebrities whose works have been recognized beyond the shores of Nigeria. And he operates from Nigeria!

It is, therefore, my pleasure to invite him on Thursday 15 July 2021 on our Live Webinar on the topic Think Global, Act Local. How to Evolve & Grow Your Fashion Business.

Time is 8pm (WAT) | 3pm EST LIVE on Instagram on the Martwayne Instagram Handle.

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3 Reasons for Business Cash Flow Problems & What to Do About It.

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