Hello Good people!!! Happy Monday (in @lasisielenu ‘s voice lol! Dude cracks me up so much!!!) 
Anyway!!! Trust you had a FAB weekend! I am sure with all my previous posts, you’re all probably wondering if we still run fashion courses @martwayne Yes we do!!! And we have been working behind the scenes, planning, restructuring, remodelling and basically churning out! It has been hectic BUT thankfully we have some dates sorted out now!!! 
So here is a collage of the courses coming up! Based on popular demand, we finally decided to create a Bridalwear Masterclass! Finally!!!!!!! And it will be packed because it is literally like 5 courses in 1! In fact all our courses are multiple courses in 1 anyway so everyone knows it is usually great value for money! 
Other courses in the collage are – our Beginners Course, our Intermediate Course (yes – we finally listened and merged our stages together), our favourite creative course The Design, Fashion Illustration and CAD course and a new brand spanking course Sewing Techniques for Perfect Finishing which will be strictly online. 
Not to worry, there will be a separate post on each one. Just thought to throw this out there first just to keep you posted! Watch this space! And have a GREAT week ahead! 
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Posted via Instagram May 07, 2018 at 12:57PM
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