Join Exquisite Magazine at the EMAC Walk on 1 September 2012.
“It was during an intimate session with her husband, he thought her boobs tasted and felt funny, she went in for a test and had late stages of breast cancer. After surgery, they spent 475k on Chemo every month. She passed on in July. This could have been prevented if she had been screened and doing self examinations.


A friend’s mum found out she had cervical cancer in Feb, she passed on last week (may her soul RIP). She had never been screened. We have lost a lot of mothers, sisters, aunties, wives, friends, business partners etc. This could be avoided with early detection via screening. Other women don’t have to die of cervical or breast cancer or men of prostate cancer.” 
The 2 broadcast messages were amongst the many I received from Aunty Tewa Onasanya (as I call her) of Exquisite Magazine and still it never clicked until I saw her on STv this morning.  Only then did the severity of this illness that is killing lots of women hit me.  And I should have known better.
One of the best people I knew on earth (who also happened to be my sister’s best friend) died of breast cancer last year and I cried!  I hardly ever cry but the news really got to me.  One of my greatest fears was getting the news from someone that she has passed on until I got that awful message.  It was detected late and she fought hard against it till she told her parents and siblings she was tired of fighting.  FS always had a word of encouragement, never forgot my birthday throughout my stay in SA and many who worked with her stayed in the job because of her.  She was SUCH an angel with the most stunning smile!
And then again, someone very close to me had a benign lump taken out, also last year and a young lady in her twenties also had to undergo a surgery and lost a breast to this same disease.  So really, it is not as far-fetched as we all think.  These are real stories, close to home.
As the rest of Aunty Tewa’s message went:
It’s sad that 95% of the women who registered for the walk have NEVER been screened for cervical and or breast cancer.  Most in their 30’s. Too many women are dying of cervical and breast cancer which can be prevented by early detection.” 
Shocking right?!  Especially when this can be done for free by experienced doctors and even your partners.  I already ran a post on this here:;postID=4072574710063872241
And men are not exempt either.  Prostate cancer is now more rampant than ever!
So really, it is time to raise the awareness, more now than ever.
And when is the Exquisite Magazine Against Cancer (EMAC) Walk? 
It’s on Saturday 1 September, 2012 @ 9am.  You’ll be walking from The Palms to Tafawa Balewa Square.  I wish I could join but I have 2 classes to run on Saturday.  🙁  I know I need the exercise, even if for nothing else.  Buses will be made available to transport people from Ikeja, Surulere, Unilag to the Palms so really you have no excuse.
You’ll be walking with your favourite celebrities & Faces of EMAC:  Don Jazzy, Uti Nwachukwu, Toolz, Matse, Uru Eke, Goldie, Tewa Onasanya and each other.  Great way to mingle and network!
And if you’ll like to do more than just walk, feel free to sponsor someone from N5,000 upwards to get screened or volunteer your services on the day.  There will be loads of goodies to be won by sponsors like ipads, DvD players, LCD TVs, free hair care and more for those who sponsor someone for a free screening. 
For those worried about passing out during the 10km walk, don’t worry, you’re covered. 😉
Exquisite Magazine has passed this message across:
Ambulance check, LASTMA check, drinks check, snacks check, tee shirts by Emoire, CEO by Claire Elizabeth check, wristbands check, buses check, Energy drink check, cupcakes by JPkingdom check, chocolates from Sokolad check, Faces of EMAC check, screening centres check.”
So all is in full force for the EMAC walk this Sat from the Palms Shopping Mall.  So except you have a really good reason like I do [:-D], you have no excuse!
Registration starts @ 8am for t-shirts, wristbands & other goodies. You can beat the queue by registering online @ (EMAC icon on the top) or at the Hub Media Store @ The Palms from Tues – Fri or the Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall Tues-Fri. 
A big thank you goes to the EMAC partners, TFC, Eva Water, Powerhorse, Emoire Events, JPkingdom, CEO by Claire Elizabeth Okoli,  Mavin Records, Coolfm, Bella Naija, Linda Ikeji, Morsi PR, LISE, Connect-ng, The Hub, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas & Lagbus”
Call 0802 702 2122, PING 2877DB18 or visit for more details.  I believe they still need more support, volunteers and sponsors.
So get yourself screened and sponsor others to get screened!
And men, please do your wives and girlfriends a favour and help them out during your… errr… “intimate moments”.  I believe we are all mature individuals and when you get to that point, do a check and try to kill 2 birds with one stone.  You just might save a life!
We have lost a lot of mothers, sisters, aunties, wives, friends, business partners etc to cervical and breast cancer. This could be avoided with early detection via screening. Other women don’t have to die of cervical or breast cancer or men of prostate cancer.
On the 1st of sept, come and walk against cancer with exquisite magazine from the Palms shopping mall to TBS.”
Cheers and hope you make it there!
Enjoy the rest of your evening!
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