My Wedding Feature on Bella Naija… :-D×600.jpg

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!!!  Hope you are all having a great day so far!  I know I am…. especially after I got a Blackberry message from our very own “fashion farmer” as I call her, an old Martwayne student, Saidat, about my wedding feature on Bella Naija!!!  Yaye!!!  

Immediately I ran a search on Google and there it was!  😀  WHAT an awesome feature!  I am completely speechless!

Interestingly enough, I still thought about the wedding feature this morning as it is part of my to-do list.  I know I promised to write a full feature like a how-to manual on how I planned it in a previous post so made a mental note of it.  Then my mind strayed to Bella Naija and whatever happened to the form I sent to them.  

And there it now is…. live on the site… posted just today!!!  HAHA!!!  The way God works! 😀

Here are some pictures from the site….
…. and enjoy the article at the link below.  I know I did! ;-D

Sigh….. brings back really great memories…. Gosh!  Almost seems like forever ago that the wedding took place.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the write-up I promised.  It is Work-In-Progress and this has even spurred me on now.  Will let you know when it is ready!  😀

Thank you so much!  Hope you have as HUGE a grin all week as I have on my face right now.  

Enjoy the rest of your fabulous Sunday and an even better week ahead!

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