Why didn’t she just patronize the actual designer?!

Why didn’t she just patronize the actual designer?!

In my opinion, she got her money’s worth! Patronise the designer but no ‘my tailor can churn something better and she collects just N5k’ is your watchword. If the tailor says I don’t understand the design, you call her ‘dull tailor’.
As my friend said ‘the difference between a doughnut and puff puff is a college degree’. Fashion Design is an ART not just a skill! Respect the art! Respect the designer! Pay what is due to the right person!
Thanks a lot @jullietmorgan for sending me this! I had a good laugh!
Regrann from @asoebibella – ??? ! Whyyy?! Dress on the left by @sheyeoladejo #AsoEbiBella chronicles Via @Ayomikunxo www.asoebibella.com – #regrann
How often do you implement what you have learnt as a businessowner?

How often do you implement what you have learnt as a businessowner?


Guilty as charged! I have probably implemented about 10% or 20%. Afterall there are only 24 hours in a day! Where is the time to implement all these strategies we keep learning or even find the right people to help implement them?!
I have a suggestion! How about companies who do the teaching somehow train a crop of people to help the businessowners implement?! It can only result in a win-win situation. Else next year, we will be back with the same old story.
Trainers (me inclusive), think about it! Could be yet another income stream for you! #foodforthought
Meanwhile so sorry I went awol! Been swamped! Swamped!! Swamped!!! Been also affected by many delays due to circumstances beyond my control so we’ve had to move certain Course dates forward.
Will share the new start dates shortly!
The closer you are to operations, the poorer you become.

The closer you are to operations, the poorer you become.

‘Most solopreneurs think that doing the actual work in their business is what brings in the money. However consider the fact that the highest paid person in every organization or project, does the least amount of OPERATIONAL work.Think!’ – Deji Agboade

So I mentioned in my last post that I attended a Growth workshop organized by @bpi_advisory on Saturday and it was ah-mazing! Honestly?! There are enough quiet people doing BIG things! And the same person behind the Growth Workshop @dejiagboade will be discussing this very topic this evening.

If you have not joined the Designers Resource Hub, you have to! It promises to be fab!

9PM | Today Thursday 24 May | Designers Resource Hub Facebook Group!

Don’t miss it!  And invite other designers!

Don’t just dream

New week! New goals!  New conversations! New dreams!
I spent this weekend in 2 amazing learning workshops where I gained new insights into how businesses work and these courses gave me a whole new view of how to achieve what I thought was unachievable.
Sometimes we believe our dreams are beyond our reach when all it takes is for one person to point you in the right direction.  Never think your dream is beyond achievable. Let us help you achieve your dream of becoming a fashion designer. We have amazing courses coming up.
Whether you are a beginner or can already sew, a busy professional or simply in between jobs, let us help you become the designer you were destined to be.  We run weekday and weekend fashion courses perfect for your lifestyle.
If you love fashion, then you should learn fashion!  And don’t let anyone talk you out of it either!  You want it?!  Then go for it!
Check out our upcoming courses:

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Still too tripped by this… Like WOW! Really made my day yesterday after that awful match! Well done @wizkidayo ????? . . Regrann from @instablog9ja – Wizkid makes his fashion industry debut as he walks the runway with Naomi Campbell at a D&G event in Milan – #regrann #martwayne #powerthroughfashion #instablog #instafashion #linkedin #pinterest via Instagram https://ift.tt/2JK8GKN June 17, 2018 at 01:34PM
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