Sewing Classes for Kids


Level - Ages 7 - 15

Duration - 4 weeks

  • Does your child have a passion for fashion?
  • Does s/he love fashion and need a way to express their talent?
  • Is s/he set to be the next great fashion designer?
  • Would you like to nurture their creativity right from a young age?

    Now you can!

    sewing classes for kids

    Give your Kids the Gift of a Lifetime!

    Sewing classes for kids


    This was one of my proudest moments at Martwayne!  Our young fashionista, Morayo, making something for me to wear to work!  And not just me!  Lase’s mum has always been supportive of her goals and she proudly wore her daughter’s assignment on her Instagram page. 

    Sewing Classes for Kids
    Sewing Classes for Kids

    I think it’s completely amazing when a parent spots the talent their kids have and takes the step to nurture that creativity right from a young age.  My mum always is and I am thankful everyday for helping us reach our goals even when others frowned at it. 

    I believe it is important to work on supporting their dreams right from a young age.  Trust me, your kids will love you for it. And who knows…. it could be the start of a great career.

    Tope Williams-Adewunmi

    Founder, Martwayne, Instagram: @martwayne

    We have worked with so many other young children, helping them express themselves through fashion and helping them take their love for fashion to another level! 

    Sewing Classes for Kids
    Sewing Classes for Kids
    Sewing Classes for Kids online

    Our Students did it in-house. Now they can do it Online!

    Don’t let anything stop your kids from maximising their passion! Now they can learn from home wherever they are with the Martwayne Sewing Classes for Kids Online Class in just a few minutes a day!  It’s the same great course just like the physical course but with the comfort of distance-learning.



    This Skirt was created completely online!

    Sewing Classes for Kids online

    Right from scratch

    Sewing Classes for Kids online

    Following extremely clear videos like these

    sewing classes for beginners

    With Instructor Feedback on Assignments (Premium Option only)

    Sewing Classes for Kids online
    Sewing Classes for Kids online


    And our parents love them!

    Sewing Classes for Kids online
    Sewing Classes for Kids online


    Course Features & Description

    Sewing Classes for Kids online

    It is a short sewing class which teaches kids life skills which will always be relevant to them wherever they go!  This includes learning some fabric embellishment and hand embroidery techniques, pattern-making, taking basic measurements, how to handle a sewing machine and of course how to sew a garment from scratch!  Students learn how to embellish garments and how to turn dull clothes from drab to fab all in a very controlled and supervised environment!


    Course Features & Description


    Classes delivered 3 times a week to prevent overwhelm


    Online & Self-Paced


    Clear Explanatory Videos


    Ability to ask questions and get feedback from instructor (first 4 weeks only)


    Ability to submit assignments on the portal (first 4 weeks only)


    Instructor Support (first 4 weeks only)


    Certificate on Successful Completion of the Course (if Course is completed in the first 4 weeks only)


    Sample Course Videos

    Just to get a feel of the Online Class is…


    What they will need for the Online Class



    Embroidery Kit

    • ¼ yard of calico or any other plain white cotton fabric
    • ½ yard of white interfacing [commonly called stay].  The rest will be used for the sewing project.
    • Pack of embroidery threads (normal threads will also work)
    • A Small Sewing Kit (usually includes hand sewing needles, threads (must include white thread), a measuring tape, small pair of scissors, etc)
    • Beading needle
    • Tailor’s Chalk
    • Small Ruler
    • A Pack of Normal Beads
    • A Pack of Rice Beads (the really tiny beads)
    • A Pack of Sew-On Rhinestones
    • A Pack of Stick-On Rhinestones
    • 4 buttons flat buttons eg normal shirt buttons
    • 4 buttons with a shank (the buttons with. a bar)
    • 4 Hook and Bar Closures

    Patternmaking Tools

    • A Roll of Pattern-paper
    • Pencils
    • Eraser
    • Sharpener
    • A Long Ruler
    • A Flexible Ruler
    • Measuring Tape
    • Tracing Wheel
    • Paper Scissors
    • Scotch Tape or Masking Tape
    • Basic Calculator

    Sewing Tools

    • A Portable Domestic Sewing Machine
    • 1 yard of cotton fabric
    • 1 roll of thread Polyester Thread (that matches the fabric)
    • A Seam Guide
    • 1 normal zip (not invisible zip) that matches the fabric
    • 1 seam ripper
    • A pair of Fabric Scissors
    • 1 zip foot (typically comes with the portable domestic sewing machine)

    This video shows you what the tools look like.


    What Our Online Students Say About our Courses

    This is not to make you feel good or smile… are very good! The classes are so clear….after teaching for years and having degrees in education I can clearly say you are a very good teacher. I know what I mean when I see a good teacher.


    Martwayne Alumnus, Online Partipicant & Fashion Designer in Lagos, Instagram: @jumionis

    “You know I was a bit sceptical about online courses because of previous experience but what you have here is beyond good 👍🏽. Really, kudos to you. The sounds and videos are clear, it really is top-notch and I’m not just saying it. You are what you claimed to be. I’m impressed and inspired by you. THANK YOU ❤️”


    Fashion Designer in the UK


    Course Fees & Duration

    – 6-Month Access

    – Instructor Feedback 

    – Ability to Submit Assignments

    – Certificate of Completion

    – Course itself runs for 4 weeks


    N30,000 | USD$93.94

    For Manual Payments, pay by bank transfer or USSD into
    Martwayne Limited, 0237103843, GTBank 

    Now Location is not a Barrier.

    Your Kids  Can Learn Wherever They Are. Just a Few Minutes a Day!

    online fashion design courses

    SO if you want your kids to also have a lot of fun doing what they love doing, then register them for the Sewing Classes for Kids.  It also gives you the opportunity to bond with your kids!  Trust me, you will be proud of what they create!

    Sewing Classes for Kids
    Sewing Classes for Kids

    Sign them up for the Sewing Classes for Kids Online Course

    Equip them with skills that lasts forever!

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