I Paid my first Affiliate Fee :-) – You can also make money online

I Paid my first Affiliate Fee :-) – You can also make money online

So I paid my very first affiliate fee last week to someone I did not know who had referred a student to us and she paid in full. I'm sure she was shocked!  Nothing beats getting a call from a stranger thanking you for referring someone much less getting a credit alert, especially one you were not expecting especially, in a month like January that has 50 days! 

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Over time we have come to realise that many people come to Martwayne based on referrals. And we just discovered the perfect way to say thank you. We don't take your referral or your trust for granted and we will deliver.  And NO you are not dropping any money neither is it a scam. This lady probably didn't even know about our Affiliate Programme which we launched last year. My conscience told me I had to keep my word even if the person was not aware of it so I made sure I got her number, thanked her profusely and asked for her bank details.  Was it hard??? YES! Lol! It was tough I tell you. I could have done a lot with that N14,250 but I felt so much better after doing the transfer.  

So anyway... All you need to do is tell someone who wants to study fashion design either offline or online about us anywhere you are in the world! This applies only to those who pays their fees in full and to courses over N65,000.  We have Online and Physical classes they can register for. 

How do I benefit from this?

It's simple!  Fill the form below and we will add you to our Affiliate list.   You will get a referral fee for anyone who signs up through you. 

At the moment, we can only do bank transfers (within Nigeria) and Paypal transfers.  Yes! You can be anywhere in the world and still benefit from this because we have online courses as well.

How do I Earn from this?

There are 3 ways:

Option 1:

If you know someone who wants to go to a Fashion School online or offline, you can send them our website to choose the Course of their choice.

Option 2:

If you know the specific page you want to send them to (you can find it in the search box at the top of the page), eg Advanced Course in Fashion Design, once you get to the page, copy the website link and send it to them.  

Option 3:

We can send you details of a new Course or service or even a blog post which you can share with the prospect in an email so please watch out for our emails. The link to the website is in the email.  All you need to do is send it in a broadcast to your contacts or announce it on social media. 

Once the person signs up through any of these means and pays the fees in full, you get paid for it!  It's that simple.  

How will you track registrations to me?

The Course application form states they should include the name and phone number of the person who referred them.  We simply call you up and get your details.  That was exactly what we did with this lady.  We simply asked the student for the referral's details and called them up.


You can also follow up on them to be sure they register and when they do, just contact us at affiliates@martwayne.com so we can crosscheck against our list of registrations.  Once we confirm the person is registered and has paid the full fee, we will give you your referral fee. The referral fees applies to both our online and offline courses above N65,000 only.  

We are also extending this referral fee to our Online and Offline Strategy Consulting Sessions to Fashion Professionals who need to grow their businesses.  The referral fee is a bit less but it still costs you nothing to refer us to them. More details on this in another post.

Can I apply my Affiliate Fees as a discount towards my own Fashion Course? 

No sadly you cannot. You can only claim affiliate fees for referring someone else. But think of it this way... you can save the money you make from referring others and when the money is complete, use it to apply for a Course of your choice at Martwayne. 🙂


You can also tell them about our Martwayne-Carbon collaboration which gives them the ability to pay in instalments.  More about that here:  https://martwayne.com/carbon/


If you have questions, you can always contact me on Instagram or on WhatsApp on 08143402567 or send an email to affiliate@martwayne.com .


As I said earlier, we do have online and offline courses coming up next month so please click the home button to see the dates they begin.


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