Amazing Martwayne Review!

Amazing Martwayne Review!

??????? #testimonial #Thursday!!! 

And posts like this just make the hard work worth it! Thank you so much @giselamonde our own fabulous doctor! I honestly miss your set! You all brought a lot of life to this place! #martwaynestudentsrock . . 

@Regran_ed from @giselamonde – It all started with a Dream and a burning desire to do more, be bigger and better…? . . 

Then I chased my dreams like a mad man let loose ?… .

– Did I feel pain? Yes.

– Did I lose sleep? Yes.

– Was I frustrated? Very much so.

– Did I give up? I was tempted to on several occasions but I never did, all I saw was my goal, so I pushed even harder? . .

I literally burnt candles, even became almost a recluse. I’m glad I never gave up. I believed in me. Still do. . .

Am I where I want to be yet? No. I’m still work-in-progress. Thank you to @martwayne @topewilliams for being a huge part of my success story, fantastic Fashion school and teacher! Will forever be grateful to you. ?? . .

And these friends of mine mean a lot to me because they too like me burnt candles, together! 

@liberteclothiers @perlesignature @toluaje_apparel @amamariona @significantvanity @tshbytonia @orem77us and a few others. I love you guys. . .

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Check out the New Martwayne Website :-D  Tell us what you think!

Check out the New Martwayne Website :-D Tell us what you think!

??? I did it!!! OK so after years and I mean YEARS of trying to get my website up with many many disappointments from web developers who promised heaven and earth, I decided to take the bull by the horn and build it myself!

Too many times I paid deposits and they absconded! Those who seemed to know what they were doing were charging me over a million! I was frustrated, sad, depressed with all sorts of emotions constantly running through me until I finally decided I had had enough!


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