??? I did it!!! OK so after years and I mean YEARS of trying to get my website up with many many disappointments from web developers who promised heaven and earth, I decided to take the bull by the horn and build it myself!

Too many times I paid deposits and they absconded! Those who seemed to know what they were doing were charging me over a million! I was frustrated, sad, depressed with all sorts of emotions constantly running through me until I finally decided I had had enough!

Truth be told I had a lot of help from an extremely patient gentleman who randomly inboxed me to market his web services just at the point when I decided I would learn how to code. I was sceptical because I saw him as yet another so-called professional who would yet again take my money and run but he surprised me.

It was rough in the beginning but we worked tirelessly through many many nights, through crashed databases, to losing work, plugins crashing, until slowly it all came together! I worked on the site design and content, he did all the back end work. He uploaded the raw data, I edited it to suit exactly what I wanted. It was a lot of work and we are far from done BUT I think it is good enough to launch while we continue to work on it.

So people!!! Check out our new site!!!  (drumroll please……)   Sigh…. you all have no idea how I feel right now!!!!!!  

Here is what it looks like on a mobile phone.  

As you can see, it is fully optimised!  It has an online payment portal (like finally) so you can pay for your courses directly through the site. If you notice, it is SSL secured – [https://] so all your payment details are safe!!!

And best of all, you can chat to on Whatsapp directly from the site at the click of a button!  😀 😀 😀 We are still working on a lot of things behind the scenes BUT please give us feedback on what we can do to make it better!  There are forms you can complete so please help us out or chat to me.  


On a HAPPIER note, like I can be any happier than I am right now… I am so looking forward to blogging again on the new Platform.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to do a thing!  You will still get our RSS feeds but from this new website.  

I will terribly miss our blogger Platform, fashionbeyondstitches.com  but we will also link it to this one.  I kinda still love the name fashionbeyondstitches so the blog will stay!  But all our previous posts have been migrated to this new Platform!

To the stranger who inboxed me and managed to keep his cool throughout my ranting when things did not work, I say thank you! @drag_inc on Instagram (I call him DOT ITC which used to be his Instagram handle) , thank you, thank you, thank you! 

If you need someone you can call on at any time to work with you to build and manage your website, you can call on him!  I was already at the point where I decided I would learn how to code but thankfully I don’t need to learn coding anymore.  Ok maybe I will in my spare time just in case lol but thankfully not any time soon!So people our work is not done yet!  We are still at it! NOW we can finally work on our online courses which will be launched soon enough!  

To my Father in Heaven, I say a special thank You! You kept me going on when I thought I would breakdown after many sleepless nights! You are amazing!  Thank YOU so much!

In the meantime…. enjoy the site!

Have a great week everyone!!!

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