…to those of us (and that includes me) getting pretty frustrated that things seem to be taking too long;
…to the impatient ones who expect that things will take off overnight; and
…to all who criticize and discourage those trying to reach that goal by passing cutting remarks and unconstructive criticisms…

Take solace in my notable quote for the day…

I look at my earlier notes and I laugh. I thought I would start my research in January 2009 and launch in September 2009. I laugh really hard at this because it took three years in the end.”

– Suzan Wokabi  
In the article “Selling Beauty to Kenyans” by Ventures Africa; 21st July, 2013

After my initial sigh on reading this, my inner voice said to me:

“Remember that Rome was not built in a day, the pyramids pretty much took forever to build and it must have taken the Isrealites ages to cross the Red Sea.” 

Good to know that I’m still on track (and you probably are as well).

You can read the rest of the article on:


Oh… PS: Here’s me wishing my elder sister, Omolara, a very happy birthday!!!  She’s the one who did most of the work at the wedding.  The development of the theme and eventual coordination of both events, the sourcing, purchasing and shipping in of 90% of the decor items, right down to the center pieces, disposable plates and cutlery, paper doilies, serviettes and even the bouquet.  All I did was ask for something and it was ordered and paid for.   

All I can do right now on this special day is to wish you the very best of all you and your family have ever prayed for and pray for God’s mercies always!  God bless you!  MWAH!
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