Guilty as charged! I have probably implemented about 10% or 20%. Afterall there are only 24 hours in a day! Where is the time to implement all these strategies we keep learning or even find the right people to help implement them?! 
I have a suggestion! How about companies who do the teaching somehow train a crop of people to help the businessowners implement?! It can only result in a win-win situation. Else next year, we will be back with the same old story. 
Trainers (me inclusive), think about it! Could be yet another income stream for you! #foodforthought 
Meanwhile so sorry I went awol! Been swamped! Swamped!! Swamped!!! Been also affected by many delays due to circumstances beyond my control so we’ve had to move certain Course dates forward. 
Will share the new start dates shortly! 
#martwayne #powerthroughfashion #fashion #business #businessoffashion #changingmindsets #changingminds #instablog #linkedin #pinterest Posted via Instagram June 14, 2018 at 10:01AM
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