Pictures obtained from Blackberry contacts
Pretty inspiring pictures right?  Yes I thought so too.  I stumbled upon them in my picture library a few minutes ago… pictures I had saved because they taught me a very important lesson.  And since there is love in sharing, I decided to share them on my blog! 😀

How did I get them?  Amazing tool that Blackberry thingy is.  I was going through my contacts’ Blackberry display pictures sometime last year when I saw this picture my friend put up of her niece.  I was so inspired by the picture, I immediately used it as my own dp as well (with permission of course) and soon after, another contact sent me a picture of his nephew doing the exact same thing.

Amazing lessons one learns from people we are meant to teach right?  It’s all about the “can-do” and “must-do” attitude… without thinking too hard of what the consequences may be.  Simply put, taking risks!  Many of us would not dare… I know right now, I would think 10 times before attempting such.  But no wonder some of us are still busy making plans when all we need to do is “just do it”!  The whole “what if” so consumes us, we forget that it is not so difficult to backtrack.
Bringing this down to our work and personal lives, I have chatted to many people who know they should be doing something else or making other moves but are too scared to take the plunge.  And with good reason too.  But we end up spending valuable time overanalyzing so much that before we know it, it’s a New Year and we are still making the same resolutions we made 5 years earlier.  
For me, I am the kind of person who takes the plunge and thankfully, so far, it has worked out.  Yes I have had my fingers burnt many times but I have learnt from the mistakes made and moved on.  When I left accounting for fashion, I did not really have much of a long-term plan.  All I knew was that it was something I wanted to do and worked towards it, giving myself a timeframe.  At the time I applied for the visa, I had no clue who would pay the tuition fees but I still forged ahead (with lots of prayers obviously), knowing one way or the other, it would work out.  And when I got the travel documents, there was no turning back.  Till tomorrow, I have no regrets and I am thankful everyday.  Done it, did it, liked it, loved it!
I know many of us have heard talk like this before so it’s nothing new.  For those considering a career in the fashion industry or any other industry for that matter, I am not saying what worked for me will also work for you.  But at least, make the move.  You can use your spare time to get the knowledge you require and work towards it.  You will be glad you did.  And if you don’t like it or you get burnt, well, at least you have learnt from it.  You know what they say… “better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all”.  At least now you know!
For these kids, they probably had not considered how to get through the door.  The major concern is getting the door open first.  I am sure they eventually got through the door somehow.  Worst case, they would have fallen, bumped their heads, cried their eyes out (or not… if no one’s watching) and moved on!  And that’s the way life works!  You have to try it!  That’s what makes living fun and gives you enough stories to tell.  As long as you “let go and let God”, you’ll be surprised how easy things will work out for you.
Many many many thanks and do enjoy the rest of your week!
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