Hello good people!!! Before we jump into the business of the week, take a minute to be thankful for what you achieved last week. You may have many things left undone and you are probably angry at yourself, your staff and where you currently are in your business.  
BUT in all the disappointments, there surely must be a blessing or a lesson you discovered. Leverage on that blessing, focus on that lesson and use that to plan your new week. I’ll give you an example. 
I discovered we had so much work left undone last week and was really angry at the speed of production. It must be really tough to see the blessing in that with all the deadlines looming but tried to. 
Through it all, I realized that I should be grateful that we had a committed team and we still had time to make amends.
Lesson learnt, get to work early, sit with the production crew and literally plan each step of the process with proper achievable deadlines as against ranting all the time about how they should know what to do.  
I am soooo looking forward to a productive week! Wishing you all the same! 
Image from 365 Gratitude App
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