This message reiterates what we face @garmentproductionhouse from enquirers in general. I think the question remains: ‘Who exactly is a fashion designer & what are their responsibilities?’

A fashion designer has the vision for their business and their designs. The factory also has its target market. Where the target market is a B2B market, i.e. fashion designers and not end users, the client i.e. the designer is responsible for everything related to the design including the fabrics, lining, trims, buttons, etc required to fulfil that vision. The job of a production house is to help you bring that vision to life. As the poster said, if we have to make certain decisions for you, then we become the designers. This means we either put our labels on the clothes or charge for the consulting to make certain decisions for you.

However, the reality is most who want to operate clothing lines seem to believe the production house should handle this. Truth is… Factories are here to produce what you want especially since tastes are different. ⁣Furthermore, liking clothes or being complimented on what you wear is not the same as being a fashion designer. It is sheer hard work and a lot goes on to create those stunning clothes.

Many people I speak to at Martwayne want to be designers but I eventually realise that they like the idea of fashion but not the work involved in it. If you want to have a clothing line but do not want to do the work, you have to be willing to pay extra for the consultation services. I plan to elaborate more on this. Follow @martwayne and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss it.⠀

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