Oh how I have missed blogging!  To be honest, I have not totally stopped! I do most of my blogging on Instagram now and my goodness we do have some healthy conversations up in there.  So I find it easier to just post and start a discussion.  I had one just a few days ago and with the feedback I got, I just thought wow!  Means a lot of people out there are in this position and perhaps this will help them  So why not also put this up on the blog!  After all some people out there who are not following us on Instagram and Facebook can still be encouraged by this story!
I am putting it up exactly how I put it up on Instagram.  Short and to the point!  Hopefully it will help you as well if you are currently in this situation.  So here goes!






This is to encourage someone out there. Starting a business is all about determination, taking little steps and asking questions. @therealklakla came to Martwayne all the way from Bayelsa to work on her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Funding was a problem but my advice to her was #littlesteps And as I follow her success story and seeing something materializing from nothing, I am so glad to be a part of it.
You might be at a point where you feel lost or you feel things are not just taking shape. Remember it happens to everyone! We’ve all been there and are still going through it. It’s okay to feel a bit down but only for a minute. Don’t stay down! Pick yourself up and move on! Find someone to lament to – perhaps they can give you a different perspective on things.
I posted some of my conversations with Clara to show you how this journey started. This is less about the testimonials but more about the fact that someone who once felt lost made the move. She did not wait till a new year like most usually do. She did what she had to do to make it work and I know the feeling of building something from scratch. It is a GREAT feeling I tell you!
Some of us are waiting for 2018! And in 2019, it will be the same story. Why not start now with whatever you have no matter how little? Why put everything on hold till the new year like the New Year is just not another day. And you don’t have to quit your job either. If you really want to make it work, you will!
Congratulations Clara on your journey! I feel privileged to be a part of it! Soon your little drops will become a mighty ocean and we will only be too happy to have been a part of it! #martwaynestudentsrock ? Meanwhile… I LOVE those Chairs! Permission to adapt please. Adapt o not copy ? Muchos gracias!
And that’s it really! The message is pretty simple. #babysteps That’s all you need! Start with what you have and watch it grow into something big! Stop waiting for that MASSIVE BIG BREAK so that if it doesn’t come, you won’t be disappointed and if it does come – GREAT!
Wishing everyone struggling out there – which is pretty much everyone – the very best! And always remember that the struggles always make for a great story someday!
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