Hello!!!!  Oh wow!  We had SUCH a great show today!  It was actually sparked off by a rant on Instagram about why fashion designers refuse to collaborate with each other.  If you missed the conversation trail, you should join us on Instagram @martwayne and air your views as well!

Then I watched another video I was tagged on where the speaker was talking about how businesses just live on survival mode and it further reinforced the the discussion I had yesterday.  But the truth is we don’t even specialize in certain areas so how can we even collaborate?!  And that was what I chose to talk about today!  

If you missed it, simply click on this link:  

I have also embedded the video for those who want to watch it here as well!

Please air your views as well.  We will also be tackling the issue of collaboration and the various ills that plague our Fashion Industry!  Honestly, we need to move beyond this point!  Hope to learn from you as well!

Meanwhile…… REMINDER!!!!!!!!

Please please please…. if you have not registered your child for our Children’s Course coming up, please register them early!  We simply cannot prepare if we don’t know the number of people coming.  Please register them today!  Teach them sewing and financial management as well!  It starts August 1st. Please do not procrastinate!  Register them now!  Simply click on this link: 

It takes you STRAIGHT to our Paystack portal so you can register effortlessly!  It will be fun I promise you and it will be really worth it!

Reach out to us on 0818 395 8856, on Whatsapp: 0809 787 6075, on Blackberry: D8E9802C or email me on twilliams@martwayne.com

OH!  For those who want to specialize in Childrenswear, we also have a Short Course in Childrenswear coming up!  Details will be available soon.  But here is the flyer!  It starts 27 August 2017.

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