Check Out the Brilliant Work by Corps Members at the NYSC SAED Competition!  Can You Guess Which Zone Came 1st?!

Check Out the Brilliant Work by Corps Members at the NYSC SAED Competition! Can You Guess Which Zone Came 1st?!

Oh I had a GREAT day today!!! I spent half of my day with some “pree-tty” talented Corps Members!  Yup!  I was invited to be a judge… (errr… let me take that again…)…. I was invited to be the CHIEF JUDGE [yes thank you :-D] at this edition of the NYSC SAED Lagos Competition.  Actually to be honest, I have been a judge since the maiden edition but I must say, this particular one, which is like the 5th one, was the toughest one to judge!

Okay… before I even go very far, let me tell you quickly what SAED is about for those who have no clue what I’m on about…

SAED, which stands for Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development, is an initiative of the NYSC to promote entrepreneurship in an environment that constantly experiences a high rate of unemployment.  So during the service year, Corps Members are encouraged to learn a skill of their choice in order to create jobs for themselves rather than get frustrated whilst waiting for a job.  So there are quite a number of trainings available ranging from Fashion Design [obviously :-D] to fish farming and even training on solar energy systems.  You name it, there’s probably a training available.

So yes, after the training, there is usually a competition amongst the 4 zones in Lagos State, which tests the performance of the leaders and the Corps Members in the various zones.  In addition to rating the performance of the zonal leaders, the other categories are basic ICT knowledge, cake-baking, jewellery, shoes, bags and clothing.  

Now what makes this competition intense is the fact that the Corps Members are given just a few hours to complete a total look for a model and they literally complete the task at the competition.  And honestly, that is what I totally respect!  So much work in so little time… and the best part is THEY ALL DELIVERED!

Okay… enough of the long story, just check out the pictures which pretty much speak for themselves:

The Speeches:

Mrs. Mary Dan-Abia, Director SAED; Mr. A.C. Akhanemhe NYSC Lagos State Coordinator 
& Mrs. Rachael Idaewor, AD SAED Lagos 
[I also gave a speech as per Chief Judge “con-sign” haha but there was noone to take my picture 🙁 ] 

Members of the High Table:

The Judges:
😀 😀 😀

The Prizes:

Pretty Cool Gifts right?!  I know how many rechargeable fans I have bought in the last month alone…

& The Reason We’re All Here…:  The Talented Corps Members!!!!!

Hard At Work:

Zone A: Ikeja Zone (made up of the Alimosho, Agege, Ifako Ijaiye, Ikeja 1, Ikeja 2 & Oshodi-Isolo LGAs)

Oh… by the way… the same person has to create the shoes and the bag…

Quite an interesting cake right?… Character cake she called it.  Can you guess what it is?


Zone B: Island Zone (made up of Eti-Osa 1, Eti-Osa 2, Eti-Osa 3, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, Ibeju Lekki & Epe LGAs):


Ok… the jewellery designer was already done with her work by the time I started taking pictures…

Can’t recall what this lady called her cake… plain cake I believe she told me…


Zone C:  Ojo Zone (made up of Amuwo Odofin, Ojo, Apapa and Ajeronmi LGAs)

The jewellery designer was also done by the time I started taking pictures…

Another Character Cake.  I’m sure you can picture what this is already…

Zone D:  Shomolu Zone (made up of Ikorodu, Kosofe, Mushin, Shomolu & Surulere LGAs)

Almost done…:

AND THE FINAL RESULT (Drumroll please………….!!!!!!!!!)

Haha… keep scrolling…..


Oh-kay!  Let’s see the models!

Zones A – D in their order…


Love! Love!! Love!!! this dress to bits! And I LOVE the fit!

Dress by Defounga Harriet ; LA/14C/0043 ; 0806 251 5144

Beads by Nwachukwu Chidiebere Nnenna ; LA/14B/3014 ; 0703 328 5849

Shoes & Bag by Adekola Ifedolapo ; LA/14B/1382 ; 0706 290 6112

Cake by Ohiara Ndidiamaka Vivial of Jesus Baby Cakes ; LA/14B/1000 ; 0706 464 3634  
BBM: 7FD2CA94 ; E-Mail:


Remember this picture?!  Come to think of it, she was the only one who had a sketch of her design…

Well…. Here is the finished product!

Love the drama in the back of the dress!  The model was obviously enjoying herself… haha… 

  And L.O.V.E. the bag – VERY Striking!  And the studs on the shoes! 

Dress by Emediong Ekpedime Akpacti of Emebless Design ; LA/14B/3370 ; 0706 477 5505

Beads by Chukka Uchechukwu Chinenye of UC Beads; LA/14B/3001 ; 0803 637 0442

Shoes & Bag by Ige Oluwakemi Victoria of Vickiemoore Collections ; LA/14B/4082 ;  
0803 605 6435

Make Up by Francisca Emeruwa of Kiarex Glitz; LA/14C/0862 ; 0806 967 6541

Model: Amadi Ebele Vivian ; LA/14B/3801 ; 0703 572 3424

Cake by Amoo Aminat of Aminat’s Cake ; LA/14C/411 ;  0807 375 6911 ; BBM: 7963D2F2
E-Mail: ; Instagram: @Aminat’sCake



Love the Colours in the dress and this cake made me smile the most… 🙂

Dress by Akpan Uduak ; LA/14C/1695 ; 0806 659 8579

Beads by Amyanjo Cynthia O. ; LA/14C/3195 ; 0703 661 6745

Shoes & Bag by Otor Oghenetejiri Frances ; LA/14B/3206 ; 0806 388 4389

Cake by Ikechukwu M. Nancy ; LA/14B/0167 ; ; 0816 840 0511


I thought the jewellery was pretty unique.  And this cake was just scrumptious to look at… Had strawberries and cherries… (yum!)

Dress by Akeredolu Kemisola ; LA/14C/1280 ; Mercy Kay Fits ; 0703 653 3961

Beads by Ibraheem Karimot Ayoni of AL Kareem Beadsmaking ; LA/14B/0874 ; 
0706 738 7577

Bag & Shoes by Oladele Kafayah of Biokaf Wears ; LA/14C/3095 / 0703 504 9749

Cake by Ayinla Kudirat Olabisi of Qudrah Cakes ; 0706 551 9609


Inspection of the Work by Members of the High Table.. and of course the Judges…:


The Director was soooo impressed she just had to take pictures… 😀

And of course… the judging… 😀

And showcasing of more work by the Beadmaker in Zone B! 

So YES!!! I told you it was a great day!  I was really pleased with the work and I think I just might order one of the dresses.  And so should you!  The work was great and patronising them is a great way to encourage them.  Working with your hands is not easy  – trust me I know!  And with the fierce competition out there, they need a good headstart to build their confidence level!

AND now I bet you are just itching to know which Zone won right?!  Haha!  You tell me!  Can you guess?  The first person who guesses correctly in the comments section gets a recharge card from me!  😀  

Looking forward to your answers!  Let’s see if we the judges made the right decision!
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