How To Spot Business Opportunities (With Case Studies)


What if you could look at a pain point you have and then proffer a solution to it. How does that sound?

Fulfilling right?
Yeah, I think so too…

That’s why I have a rather different opinion when advising people on business ideas. Researching the internet is great, no doubt! You need to know what people need, how they need it, where these people are, then your resources, etc. All these are valid.


But do you know looking beyond research, you need to consider some other factors? Every of my business ideas was not based just on research, a major WHY, and that why is what has kept me thus far. That’s why I put together some tips on you can spot business opportunities.


Trust me it is exactly what you need to listen to. So if you trying to figure out a business to start, especially if it will be your major source of income, then here are three approaches to consider…

Click the podcast to listen.


Okay, I am glad you have listened to it, figured out a business opportunity?

Does it relate to a struggle you see in society? A personal pain point?

Then you are good to go!!!

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Business Nugget By Martwayne


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