FinIntell Magazine – Pages 44 – 51


Haha!  Not bad for a fashion designer huh?!  2 covers in 1 quarter.  I’m not exactly sure of how I managed to get on the cover of a Financial / Business Magazine but I guess I must have impressed them after the interview.
So I got a call on Monday that the interview came out in the February – March 2013 edition but I almost fell when I saw the cover!  WHAT a surprise I tell you!  I so was not expecting it but what can I say… a whole 8 pages!!!  Like wow-wee!!!  Ok… I really have to calm down now…  Initially I was surprised when they came with their photographer, camera and props and all but guess the pictures speak for themselves!  They look stunning!  The brains behind the magazine clearly take it seriously!
I am sure some of you may not have heard about FinIntell so I’ll give you a brief overview of the magazine.


Well FinIntell (Financial Intelligence) is and I quote “a monthly magazine that provides authentic up-to-date information on businesses in Nigeria”.  It is “Your Indispensable Guide to Doing Business in Nigeria”.
The magazine is available at newsstands and from vendors and is also available by subscription.  And from what I see, it is also available in Ghana and South Africa.   
For this edition, I am also a vendor!  😀  Naturally… so if you would like a copy, it’s only N1,000 each!  This particular edition has to get to as many people as it possibly can!  I have pretty much shoved it down everyone’s throat!  So please embarrass me by ordering 50 copies each and handing it to your students, your colleagues, your customers, etc.  😀  The interview is on pages 44 to 51.
From what I have read so far, they seem to be passionate about SMEs… judging from the SME Conference coming up soon.  So for more details, daily news and market reports, do visit  You can also download the e-mag from there.  And please… do send them an e-mail thanking them on my behalf!  It has been great! 

Here I am thanking the editor, the interviewer, the photographer and definitely my student, Unini for recommending me and Eben-J, her husband.  You guys are really the very best!  Thank you all so VERY VERY MUCH!!!  And of course, all the greatest praise goes to God!  HE made it happen!

And here’s hoping you all have had as fab a week as I have had so far!  Please make sure you encourage a sister by getting a copy for yourself!
Enjoy the rest of your week!
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