Thinking of turning your love-affair for fashion into a successful business? You can take the plunge by starting your own ready-to-wear clothing line.  There is a huge market for ready-to-wear Clothing and you can tap into it by starting yours.  And the best part is, you don’t have to break the bank! You can get started on a lean budget.

What You Need to Know to Start a Clothing Line

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I found this article by Marie Claire magazine very insightful because it focused more on the business of fashion than the fashion design itself.  The 9 tips you can actually use if you want to start your clothing line  stated one of the most important things I believe – you don’t need to be rich to start a clothing line.

In our Online Fashion Entrepreneurship Course, we state the importance of doing research before you go ahead to produce.  The truth is, the minute you choose to start a fashion business, you are no longer a fashion designer but an entrepreneur so it is important to think like one.  Leans means, spend the least to get the highest value.  It is also important to find a product market fit rather than assume the market will like what you have created.

Be practical not emotional

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Many people produce simply because they get and act on positive feedback which is good but can be a big mistake.  Experience, however, has taught me that there is a huge difference between liking your product, the willingness to spend money on it and the actual purchase.  This is why pre-orders and pre-launches where you get people to pay for the products upfront actually validates the business idea.

There is so much to learn.  If you want to know more about starting your ready-to-wear clothing line or have tips to share? Let me know in the comments and share this post with anyone who is interested or you know who needs the knowledge.

If I have enough interested people, I just might run a webinar, write an e-book or create a series of blogposts on the process. Also let us know in the comment section if you prefer a webinar, an ebook or a blog posts.

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