⁣In the fashion industry, there are tons of existing brands and products. Finding a fashion brand niche to cater to is very important. How will you ensure you stand out so you are the first company people think about when they need that specific product? ?⠀

You can do that by finding a unique, special place in the market, the gap that only you can fill, a niche market.⠀

What is a niche market?

Plus Size clothing KQJ Apparel

A niche market is simply a very specific segment of a much larger market, composed of a tight, clear range of products sold to a tightly focused target group. For example, if your market is ladieswear, your niche could be plus size clothing.⠀

Often times, we find designers in this environment offering every need you can possibly think of in a bid to capture a wider audience. Some people offer menswear, ladieswear, childrenswear, maternitywear, bridal, bespoke, ready to wear and the list continues. This becomes counterproductive in the long run because not only are they seen as a jack of all trades, they eventually burn out.

For example, Garment Production House is a B2B business which offers sewing and production services to fashion designers looking to start their clothing lines in small quantities. Larger orders are referred to factories that can accommodate the volumes and items such as tshirts are also outsourced to companies who specialize in t-shirts.

Another company, not in the Fashion Industry, who has carved a niche is Accounting Hub, the small business accountant who offers bookkeeping and accounting services to small companies.

When you have a tight niche, it gives you increased visibility, honed expertise, enhanced customer relationships and you also spend less on marketing thanks to your specific audience.

How do you find your brand niche?

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If you don’t have a business niche or you’re struggling to decide, use the following five steps to find your niche.

1. Identify your interests and passions.
2. Identify problems you can solve.
3. Research your competition.
4. Determine the profitability of your niche.
5. Test your idea.

No magic formula will point you to a winning business idea, just find where your passion intersects with a deep-seated void, and you’ll be the perfect person to fill it.

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