⁣One of the most effective business growth strategy you can use to grow your fashion brand has been around since the beginning of time.

I particularly love telling stories, not because it’s a strategy (I never thought of it as one) but because it’s just who I am. I tell it the way it is. I guess when you have the passion for what you do, it goes beyond just making a sale but focusing more on how you add value to people & transform lives. The story just connects better.

Storytelling is a powerful strategy that you can implement in your business to market your brand and connect in a more organic and personal way with your audience. It is super effective because the buying process is not just a rational decision, it’s also an emotional one.⠀

To create a good story that can sell your business, there are three fundamentals steps;⠀

1.Position your customers as the heroes.⠀
You need to make your customers heroes in your stories, put your customer’s needs and desires front and center.⠀

2. Understand your customer’s pain points⠀
You want your customers to feel seen, heard and invited to drop the barrier that’s been holding them back from investing in your brand.⠀

3. Paint a happily ever after ⠀
What does life look like after they’ve made the purchase or used your service? Are they confidently striding into work with that beautiful dress they purchased from you? Create the ideal scene!⠀

Things are changing and we are moving into an era where you can differentiate yourself from others by delivering authentic and real messages. Use storytelling in your marketing, to give your customers a reason to care about your business.

P.S. Do you know you can learn fashion from anywhere you are in the world? ⠀⠀⠀
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